Review: Off The Top Of Our Heads

I showed up a few minutes late to my first time watching Off The Top Of Our Heads as I needed to run around the corner to buy alcohol since it was bring your own and doing things sober is boring. As I walked in, Artistic and Managing Director Marc Adam Smith was just about done introducing the comedians. They came out in the typical quirky, “we’re wacky” way that all improv people tend to, and I rolled my eyes and said “here we go.”

To be honest, the show started a little slow… but then they got me. About the 3rd scene in the performers really hit their stride and it turned into a really good show. I’m a cynic and I go into most things expecting to hate them but this group pleasantly surprised me. This show consisted of 8 comedians all taking turns rotating in and out of scenes. They played to a small but lively crowd of about 12 people and once everyone got comfortable and the performers got loose it turned into a fun room. Improv is one of the harder forms of comedy and I have the utmost respect for anyone who does it and it is nice to find people who do it well.

Off The Top Of Our Heads consists of about 18 performers. They do shows rotating in shifts of 7 or 8 performers. Each shift performs every Friday night at 10pm at Gotham City Improv. The leader of the show, Marc Adam Smith, has been working with Gotham City Improv for 20 years and running this particular group for 5. After watching the show, you can tell he knows his stuff. Marc has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of improv but still approaches it like a bright eyed rookie. The genuine excitement of everyone there is obvious and it helps get the crowd into it. I would definitely recommend going to see Off The Top Of Our Heads. For more information you can check out their website.

Gotham City also offers improv classes if anyone is interested in trying out this craft.


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