How Much Does Social Media Define Your Relationship?

One of the biggest weaknesses and strengths about today’s society is our involvement in social media. Social Media has become a standpoint in our life, where we can express what we think and how we feel, without past society’s thoughts that we were too “artsy”. If we want to show pictures of our food, we Instagram it. If we want to share our thoughts, we Tweet or Facebook it. When we want to show how crafty we can be, we start pinning things on Pinterest to share with our friends.

…And when we change the relationship status with our significant other, we change the relationship status on Facebook.

A few weeks back, I overheard a girl say “well it’s not official, until it’s on Facebook”. I thought to myself, is this what we have become? IS THIS what our society has lead us to? From personal experience, I have only had one relationship labeled on Facebook. It was over 4 years long, and I thought I was going to marry the guy. In other relationships, I have gotten excited about the potential, and changed the dreaded relationship status, but it faded out before it could go further.

SO when do you define the relationship? Do you feel a need to define it? I recently had an argument with someone close to me about Facebook. While some of my friends were pressuring my thought process about the definitive moment where Facebook statuses became “mandatory”, he argued that it was more about the relationship itself than a label.

I contemplated both sides and it’s hard to see where the stronger suit lies. Some judge that if you do not stick your heart out there on social media, you could ultimately be “catfished”; where the other person could have another relationship on the side. Others are bringing an older chivalrous method back into play, and believe that some things should be kept special between you and your partner.

I don’t believe there should be a “to do” checklist to make your relationship official. You have to have open, honest conversations about what each other wants. The first three months of any relationship are crucial, because they are not only the “honeymoon” period, they are also the most “honest” period. This is the time frame where you must have those crucial question and answer sessions, defining what you want out of the relationship as well as your partner. You might be surprised at the differences, and it might be your warning flag. Although the band-aid may sting being ripped off, it will hurt a lot worse than if it rotted on your skin.

–Sorry for the analogy but it’s true.

With these definitive questions, you also have to think about what is most important to you. How much does Social Media define your relationship? Do you define how much your partner cares about you through them “liking” your statuses, commenting on your photos, and changing their own relationship status? Or, does it matter more what happens between the two of you?

In a world where the marriage/divorce ratio is unfortunately 50/50, it’s hard to say where you should land. You need to do what makes YOU happy. If social media makes you happy, then find someone to tickle that tech bone. If you want your own “Notebook” love, then you need to find someone with strong arms to row that boat.

Do what makes you happy, and stop listening to society.

Facebook is a trend that will soon fade out with our generation anyway.





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