Blue Note Hosts Brooklyn’s Krissy Krissy

I think there is a list somewhere of places New Yorkers must visit to be cool. When I find it, I know The Blue Note will be on it, probably near the top. I’m not sure why I hadn’t already been there, but it’s most likely because I thought it was out of my price range and too jazzy. Last weekend, Bushwick’s Krissy Krissy helped the club show me that isn’t always the case.

Photo credit to Alec Turner

Photo credit to Alec Turner @

Whether or not Krissy Krissy declared her roots early in the show, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to guess. Dressed in green cargo pants, a graphic tee, a leather jacket and a beanie, it’s hard to imagine the girl coming from anywhere but Brooklyn. Even without a keen fashion sense, Krissy Krissy’s spunky personality and smooth language are a dead giveaway.

She wasn’t just prancing around the stage acting like a Brooklynite, though. Krissy Krissy showcased her lyricism and packed a surprisingly strong voice for a petite girl. Though she admittedly missed a few pitches in her tributes to Adele and the late Amy Winehouse, one thing Krissy Krissy isn’t missing is soul. The preacher’s daughter holds nothing back when she vocally expresses the numerous emotions she’s felt throughout her life, and she makes no attempt to cloak her feelings lyrically either.

With the combination of her powerful vocals, budding song-writing skills and saucy, dominating stage presence, Krissy Krissy is anything but boring. While she may not yet be poised for a breakthrough, Krissy Krissy is on her way to discovering something wonderful to show the music world. My advice is to keep an ear out on this one.

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