Sayonara Football Season


Hello Universe,

O.k., first, a big Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning SuperBowl 2013.

Now, let us get down to the nitty gritty.

I permanently checked out and promised to boycott this year’s SuperBowl if the Giant’s did not win. Aside from watching Soccer, Tennis, Golf,and the NYC Marathon, Football revs up the engines unlike any other sport. Since it is SuperBowl, the end of an era until the pre-season begins once in about six months, the peer pressure gained momentum as the day started. Therefore, it was only fair to join my friends at Bourbon Street, NYC instead of staying home  to watch the Ravens vs 49’ers battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy.

The game goes well and Beyonce blasts through her performance during the Half-time Show without any wardrobe malfunctions (phew). It is still a sad moment when Football season ends. It’s an energetic season,  and even though the crowd  went crazy over the temporary “lights off” situation mid SuperBowl, it was a great decision to come out in the frigid cold to celebrate the long journey from the beginning of the season to this moment. As the clock counts down to the last play, patrons, and avid fans erupt in total happiness and some in disappointment. But, just like anything in life, the Ravens gave it their all.


Therefore, the round of applause goes to Bourbon Street, NYC for keeping the peace, providing epic and endless entertainment and reminding us that regardless of whatever team you choose, you can always count on NYC to make any night, awesome.

By: Laura M. Artis.

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