Valentine’s Day Single’s Events

Okay, all you single people with ambition, but not enough ambition to look this shit up for yourselves I have compiled five, yes FIVE single’s events for you to attend around Valentine’s Day. Just to give you a little hope and self-worth before ultimate disappointment and devastation. To call myself out here… I had three events typed up before I realized the article I was getting the information from was written in 2010. But I assure you these are correct.

Where: Mustang Harry’s 352 Seventh Ave, New York, NY
When: Thursday, February 14th 7:30-9:30pm
This event is all ages. I assume they mean over 21 so any of you NAMBLA assholes stay away. The bar is located by Penn Station and for some reason is called Mustang Harry’s. I’m not sure what kind of backwoods trash you might find here, I’m just throwing all the options out there people.

Where: Croton Lounge 108 West 40th St, New York, NY
When: Saturday, February 9th 9pm-3am
This is being billed as an “Anti-Valentine’s Day Party.” This one might be worth checking out if you’re a guy. The type of women so desperate to “rage” against Valentine’s Day will be crying in their friend’s arms by midnight after they get drunk and the anger subsides. Perfect swooping grounds gentlemen.

Where: UCB East 153 East 3rd St, New York, NY
When: Thursday, February 14th 7:30pm
If you and your single friends are looking for some laughs I would recommend checking out the UCB. These people are pros. I’ve been here before and just a heads up it is cash only at the bar. This came as a shock to me and sent me scrambling for an ATM before the show started.

Where: Crema Restuarante
When: Monday, February 11th 7:30pm
This is a speed dating event. Because if there is one thing that has been proven to work it’s judging a person’s entire life in 30 seconds. They apparently do this every Monday at Crema. Also this event is only for singles age 24-38

Then there is the Official NYC Valentine’s Day Bar Crawl you could attend. For information on that please see their website.

Good luck.

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