Skinny Lister Fattens Up Coachella Lineup

Say what you will about the remainder of this year’s Coachella line-up, but UK’s Skinny Lister may validate the trip to Cali. My confidence in this band is based primarily on the empirical evidence gathered before one Flogging Molly February show, but frankly, I’ll hop on the “skinny list” any day.

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

Before catching the show, I chatted with Lorna Thomas as she and her bandmates headed to Philly via van. According to Thomas, this is slightly less awesome than traveling around America via tour bus, which they made a habit of parking at RV parks to enjoy dips in various lakes and the like.

Skinny Lister’s tour with Flogging Molly isn’t their first trip to the U.S. of A. by far. The band has actually been stateside three times so far including trips to perform at last year’s SXSW and Warped Tour. Though they’ve already played with great musicians from Yellowcard to Good Charlotte, not to mention Flogging Molly and all the other bands on last year’s Warped Tour, Skinny Lister remains amped in regards to the upcoming Coachella fest and this year’s SXSW.

“We’re so excited for Coachella,” Thomas shares. “We’re also coming back to SXSW this year. We’re nervous because it went so well before we’ve got high expectations now.”

Photo credit to Nigel Howard

Photo credit to Nigel Howard

Based on their performance bringing Flogging Molly onstage, Skinny Lister has absolutely nothing to worry about. Their high energy, fun-natured show paired with their catchy, “English traditional music with original material” is a potent combination that is almost impossible to hate. Between drinking from an unmarked moonshine jug and crowd-surfing in a dress, Thomas gives her audience an experience to remember, and her quirky British bandmates only enhance this effect. It is a fact that during this single performance, Skinny Lister gained two instant fans. One of them was me.

I’ve heard my fair share of complaints regarding this year’s Coachella lineup, and I can’t deny that I understand the frustration. However, I also can’t deny that Skinny Lister will keep Coachella 2013 from fading away into the world of shitty festivals if they perform anything similar to what I’ve seen from them. My word, your choice. Choose wisely.

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