1or8 Sushi


Greetings once more NY Social Status followers! I hope we are all doing well!

Without further ado lets zip down to our next destination: 1or8 sushi. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is approaching to be the a personal favorite of all Sushi restaurants. My friend and I met outside the restaurant. For some, it may look as if you are walking into a gallery. Fear not, it is a real restaurant. The interior bathed in a beautiful all-white base and as your senses adjust to the brightness and unique beauty while re-assuring that you have walked into the right place. The setting is immaculate with all white furnishings, including the tree branches (part of the décor) yet it presents itself as chic with a side plate of awesomeness.

Granted, for some all sushi places look alike, however, this place offers much more and it is tucked away perfectly in Downtown Williamsburg. As we nestled in our booths, I applauded the exceptional service and of course the extensive yet exotic sushi menu. My friend and I shared the Mussels Sakamushi and the Croquettes. Additionally, we both ordered our separate entrée rolls as the main course. There are not enough words to describe everything that excited my palate. The fresh aromas and taste was far beyond my expectations; I think this will be a repeat very soon in the prospective future and perhaps bring a group so we can taste more from the menu.

Chef Kazuo Yoshida of 1 or 8 - Brooklyn, NY

In the interim I decided to indulge in the fruit compote (cooked in yuzu and sake) for dessert. I felt like I briefly tasted heaven. The Yuzu Omoi (dessert drink) is sinfully yummy as well. The next time you crave sushi, step inside 1or8!

Be sure to call ahead to ensure they have ample seating for a big group and they definitely honor reservations. They are opened later into the night than normal Sushi places.

Address: 66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone:(718) 384-2152


Tuesday hours 6:00 pm–11:00 pm

Reservations: opentable.com

Menu: viewmenu.com

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