Recap: The “In Between Men” Season 2 Premiere & After Party at the Scandinavia House


The Hit Series In Between Men Season 2 Premiere Screening & After Party was held on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at The Scandinavian House in NYC. The Season 2 Premiere attracted over 200 VIP & Celebrity guests from all around the country who braved the “post Nemo” weather conditions to come out.

Quincy Morris, Executive Producer & Creator Jennifer Gelfer, Director and Co-Executive Producer hosted the event.
The 2nd season featured returning stars Nick (As the World Turns, Political Animals) Mathews, Chase (Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire, The Americans) Coleman, Ben (Complicated World) Pamies and Margot (Rent) Bingham. This season marks the debut of Mark (Step Up 3D, Damages, Single Ladies) Tallman.
In Between Men examines the lives of the four young men & one woman from different walks of life and of differing sexualities, who do not fit into the lives and perceptions expected of them in New York City.  The web series became a major hit in its first season with over 2 million viewers in 150 countries. The much anticipated Season 2 premiere will debut February 12th online worldwide.

VIPs attending the event included: Kim Cattrall, Golden Globe & SAG Awards winning Actress/producer, Jaime Cepero, Star, “Smash”, Isiah Whitlock Jr.  Star of “Smash,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “The Wire”, Tamsen Fadal, Award Winning WPIX News Anchor, Nick Mathews, Chase Coleman, ,Ben Pamies, Star of “In Between Men”, “Complicated World”, Margot Bingham,Mark Tallman, Star of “In Between Men”, “Step Up 3D”, “Damages”, “Single Ladies”, Nick Ayler, Supermodel/Actor/DJ , ”, Mike Ruiz, Celebrity Photographer/Star of “The A-List”/Activist, Lauren LoGiudice, Star of the film “When Harry Tries to Marry”, Camilla Barungi, Bo Roberts,  Wendy Diamond, President, Animal Fair Media, Correspondent The Today Show, Lori Sokol, The Huffington Post/Publisher of Sokol Media Inc., David Hochberg, Founder of Edge Media & Marketing, Jonathan D. Lovitz, Advocate & Entertainer, Nathan Spiteri, Aryn Cole, Star of  “30 Rock ”“All My Children” & “The Sisters Plotz”, Sebastian La Cause, Star of the hit series “Hustling”, Andrew Glaszek, Star of the hit series “Hustling”, James Grant, President of JGPR, Jason Thome, Senior Marketing Manager Converse, Patrick Hazlewood, Model/Entrepreneur. Also attending were “In Between Men” supporting cast, Walter Mastersen, Sharina Martin, Tyler Hollinger, Brian Sheridan, Mari White, Richard Chew, Ron Nummi, Michael Sharon, Sidney Erik Wright, Noam Harary, Dan Stern, and Kaolin Bass. Along with guest stars, Drew Moerlein, Jonathan Raviv, Brian Carter, Kate Hodge, Rae Ritke, Scott Freeman, Monica Vallero, James Patrick Nelson, Rick Zahn, John Solo, Ciaran Byrne, Omer Barnea, and Mark Vincent.
Season 2 of In Between Men has accelerated the show to a new level while retaining what the show’s millions of viewers indicated made Season 1 entertaining to them. The fashion, the music, New York City locations and the beat of New York City are once again easy to spot as the show weaves in and out of the lives of Dalton, a successful New York event planner, (played by Nick Mathews), a hot shot advertising executive Ben (Ben Pamies), Dane, a young doctor, (Chase Coleman), and newcomer Brian Sharpe (Mark Tallman), cousin of our female lead Kendra Sharpe (Margot Bingham), a public relations executive.

The Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America, the leading center for Nordic culture in the United States, offers a wide range of programs that illuminate the culture and vitality of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Its offerings include diverse exhibitions and film series, as well as concerts and other performances, readings, lectures, symposia, language courses, and children’s activities.

Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America
58 Park Avenue @ 38th Street
New York, NY 10016
Season premiered February 12th worldwide online. To watch the series go to


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