GUEST POST: The Man’s Guide to Dressing Formally

The whole point of dressing formally is to look good, otherwise you wouldn’t bother! You would probably just turn up to a formal event in a tracksuit if you didn’t care. However, if you are reading this, then the chances are you are looking for some insight on the best way to dress to impress. It doesn’t matter whether you are attending a wedding or a prom, either way you need to have some class, so what should you be looking for when going out to buy your brand new suit?

The Jacket

The jacket should definitely match the trousers and you will most likely buy both the jacket and the trousers together; however, you need to be looking at certain features of both to make sure you are buying the perfect suit. So what do you need to look for in a jacket?

Firstly, find the colour you are looking for; there are so many suits in black, grey and even white, so by choosing one colour that is perfect for you and for the occasion, then you can eliminate a large selection of suits.

Next, you should be thinking about how your suit jacket fits; it needs to have the perfect waist so it fits well around your stomach. Even if you don’t plan to use the buttons on your suit, you should still be able to button it up; if you can’t then it is too small!

Also, do not choose a suit that is too big for you around your shoulders because this can really look ridiculous. It will not be the perfect suit jacket if it is too small or too large in any area.

The Trousers

You will probably have bought the jacket and the trousers together, so you don’t need to worry about finding something that matches, but you do need to think about what looks good and what fits your body shape. You need to find trousers that are the right length because it is obvious if they are too long or too short; if you aren’t sure, then you can always ask for some help.

If you have found the perfect suit, but the trouser legs are too long, then you definitely need to get them tailored.

The next thing you need to decide is whether they are too big or too small around your waist; if you cannot fit two fingers in at the waist, then they are too small. If there is plenty of room, then they are too big. If you find the right length and the right waist size, then you have pretty much found the perfect trousers for you.

The Shirt

You can choose whatever colour shirt you want as long as it goes well with the suit itself; however, many people opt for white shirts because this is fairly safe. With any shirt, there are a few rules; one rule is always tuck in your shirt! You will look scruffy if you have your shirt hanging out when you are supposed to look smart.

Another rule when wearing a shirt is to make sure you iron it! There is nothing worse than wearing a creased shirt. It honestly looks a mess and it isn’t really appropriate for a formal outfit, well any outfit, come to that.

The Tie

You can pretty much choose whatever colour tie you want, unless there is a specific colour scheme you need to stick to. If you are getting married or just attending a wedding, then there is more than likely going to be a colour scheme, so find a tie that fits with that.

The Shoes

The shoes are always the difficult part of any outfit, for men or for women! Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is not easy because you need to find some that look great and are comfortable at the same time. Some pairs of shoes you may want to consider include Jeffery West and Oliver Sweeney; these shoes are very stylish and smart. Even celebs such as Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and Philip Schofield wear Jeffery West shoes.

The Belt

The belt is not entirely necessary; however, if you have visible loop holes on your trousers, then you should probably find a belt. The belt should match what you are already wearing; if you are wearing a black suit and black shoes, then a black belt will be just fine. If you are wearing a grey suit and black shoes, then a black belt will be good in this scenario too. If you are wearing a grey suit and brown shoes, then a brown belt would go well. Basically, match your belt colour to your shoe colour.

This is my final tip for you: make sure you are fully comfortable in the suit. It is no good if you cannot move around. Try sitting down, crossing your legs, stretching your arms out. If any of these positions are uncomfortable, then the suit you have chosen probably is not right for you. The bottom line is you need to be comfortable as well as looking good.

Now you know how to choose the perfect suit, you will never be the clown at any formal occasion!

About the Author: Shelly Flaherty loves everything about fashion and she enjoys sharing what she knows with others. In her spare time, she likes to have a look at Plum Shoes for new fashion tips.

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