Acqua Santa

Acqua Santa 300x201 Acqua Santa

I wish I lived in Brooklyn equipped with a lump sum of loot and sufficient time to test out every hidden nook and cranny downtown. However, until then this time around it was a pleasure to meet with my mom and a few other friends at Acqua Santa, translated in Italian it means “Holy Water.”

If the ambiance of the indoor patio setting surrounded by an abundance of lights and greenery does not hold your attention, then I would hope the food and service would suffice.

Once again the greedy button begged to order everything on the plate, but we shared a couple of appetizers including the Insalate Frutti Di Mare (aka seafood remix) smothered in delicious raspberry vinaigrette, and Calamaretti in Padela.  Additional orders included the Salmone in Salsa D’arancia; which sounds and tastes like an edible piece of delicious poetry.

The service is great and you feel as if you are eating dinner somewhere in Europe thanks to the soft lounge music echoing from the wall speakers. After dinner, we indulge in a couple of glasses of red wine and sadly it is time to go as the place picks up speed.

P.s. I forgot to mention the brunch and if  subsequent weekends are kind enough with miscellaneous social events, this would be another reason for a double dosage of Acqua Santa.

By: Laura M.Artis

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