Recap: Hoodie Allen Mixtape Release Party


Grifin Lounge in the Meatpacking District

On Monday, February 18th, Hoodie Allen held a Mixtape Release Party to celebrate the his upcoming LP titled Crew Cuts, which is set to to release on February 20th. The party was held at Grifin in the Meatpacking District, where cocktails provided by LeSUTRA and beats by DJ Fresh Direct kept the crowd mingling and dancing before a performance by Hoodie Allen himself. The NYC Release party was also the kick off for his 30+ day national tour, which starts on March 5, and ends April 13 in New York City at the Roseland Ballroom. Celebrities and musicians such as Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Shwayze, !llmind, and upcoming tourmate Jared Evan all attended the celebration.

For those of you that don’t know who Hoodie Allen is, (although I’m sure in you’ll hear about him soon) he’s an upcoming hip hop and rap extraordinaire. Crew Cuts is coming off of the success of Hoodie’s last year’s LP, All-American. As an avid fan, yours truly hit his New York City concert in late November and loved the previous album. Catchy tunes like “No Faith In Brooklyn” and “No Interruption” showed his talent, wit, and brought something different to the rap scene. On stage, Hoodie lights up and it’s obvious that the audience isn’t the only ones having a good time.


It’s obvious I am not the only one who has discovered his songs and have become hooked. Like Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters”, Hoodie Allen’s fan base has its own nickname: the Hoodie Mob. Hoodie Allen is known for his constant connection to his fans, as he uses social media platforms like Twitter to stay grounded. Offering “Hoodie Hangs” on Google+, fans and potential new fans (such as yourself?) are additional personal touches that keeps Hoodie rising.

It’s always scary for an artist to release a new LP after a successful one. Worried about keeping the fanbase but bringing someing new to the table, artists constantly have to reinvent themselves. With two singles dropped within a week of each other in his standard unconventional manner, I’m not worried about his new LP. Hoodie introduced to us a more sexual toned “Cake Boy” and  a 50s inspired “Fame is for Assholes”. Both have the same infectious hook yet add different elements to Crew Cuts.


Meeting Hoodie Allen

Upon catching up with Hoodie at the release party, I asked him if he was enjoying his time in New York. Although a Long Island native, I can imagine the touring keeps him away often. As usual, his laid back response was simply “it’s freezing, but this will always be my home.”  We talked briefly about the upcoming tour, which he describes as “similar to All-American because it’s fun, but the songs will be changed up a little to not be the same as the recorded versions.”

As gracious as ever, he thanked me for coming out in the cold.

Yeah, like I was going to miss this!

Be sure to check out Crew Cuts and let us know what you think. For Hoodie Allen tour dates near you, click here.

Leslie from AllieisWired

Leslie from AllieisWired

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