Re-imagining Old Folk Music With The Looking

The Looking, led by Todd Carter and backed by talented musicians from all over New York City produces astounding folk-rock tunes that make your ears smile. The vocals are so powerful that it’s not really a surprise to find out that Carter was professionally trained by opera singer Edna Lind, yeah you heard me correctly; Metropolitan Opera Edna Lind. Carter is also a highly successful producer and owner of Astraea Records here in NYC.

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Photo credit

The Looking’s newest record, Songs for a Traveler, is set for release in April and is a comprehensive rearrangement of folk songs from the 1850’s to 1950’s. When listening to the record you can’t help but feel as if you’re on a cross country road trip in an old 1950’s hot rod. Carter’s favorite song on the record is “Blue River,” which is reminiscent of Sophie Tucker’s version from 1927 but with less ragtime and much jazzier.

“If you look at some of these old folk songs, they’re so mysterious, in a certain way, and a few of them we don’t even know exactly where they came from,” Carter explains. “There’s something that excites me about the mystery of these songs.”

This mystery also leads us to wonder what the actual original version of the songs truly sounded like.

Another song on the record, “Sail Around,” is an old plains song about a dying cow being eaten by a buzzard. Well, you can’t get more folky than that. Although all of the songs are originally American folk, The Looking sets out to rearrange the pieces, adding their own element and painting “a dreamy landscape of American folk and country music.”

You can catch Carter and The Looking on February 25th at Symphony Space in Manhattan. Joining him are Dan Rieser, John Andrews, Gerald Menke, Chris Morrissey, Adam Kromelow and Bill Finizio. Carter is incredibly excited about the musicianship backing him for this gig and believes that they will be able to deliver a powerful and entrancing show. To tide you over until then check out some tunes from the new record on their webpage. They will be performing Songs for a Traveler in its entirety with Carter doing an encore of some of his other work. Finizio, also in The Looking, will be opening the show on piano.

WHEN: Monday, February 25nd, Show 7:30 PM

WHERE: Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, Manhattan

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