“How to Taste Like A Pro” at the NY Wine Expo


With the NY Wine Expo fastly approaching, I was able to find out from the experts the proper way to divulge into the Expo and how to approach the Grand Tasting. With so many options to chose from, it can be overwhelming. Thanks to the expertise of Ed Hurley and Gloria Maroti Frazee, we now know how to go through the Expo like a Pro.

Ed Hurley, Marketing Director, Resource Plus Shows & Events

How is the Grand Tasting Organized (by region, by country, etc) 

We’ve made it very easy to make your way through the Grand Tasting.  The New York Wine Expo is set up in mini- pavilions by country.  Long rows of table have been replaced with more intimate pavilions.   Additionally, attendees will receive a show program outlining all the exhibitors that are present and where to locate them, plus schedules for the guided tastings/seminars along with other show facts.

What are your favorite regions of wine?

I am constantly exploring new wine regions and varietals.  I love to experiment.  A Merlot from the Mediterranean region might catch my eye one moment, and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa the next.

 Any specific vendors you are excited about?

We’re excited about the variety of exhibitors this year, both winemakers and lifestyle products.  We have wines represented from all the best wine regions in the world, from every corner of the world.  Our 40+ lifestyle exhibitors also have an international flair.  You’ll enjoy samples from the French brand Maille® mustard and Italian Biscottini as well as discover great biking trips in Italy and exotic Celebrity cruises.

Gloria Maroti Frazee, Wine Spectator’s Director of Education

Would you suggest red to white, or white to red sampling?

In a formal tasting usually go white to red, which is lightest to heaviest. The exception would be a dessert white — and I would put that at the end. It’s sort of the same as a meal, where you start with salad, progress to fish, then meat and finally dessert. …That said, if you are tasting many, many wines, switching back to white after reds is perfectly fine and it can reduce palate fatigue.

 What would be the best tip for someone to “taste like a pro”?

Only one tip? Can I have two? First, take more time smelling the wine, give it a good swirl to release the aromas and take a couple sniffs. Then pause for a moment and think about the aromas — and whether they are pleasing to you. Swirl and sniff again. And then take a sip. Second, pay attention to the mouthfeel of the wine when it is in your mouth and after your swallow (or spit). Is it thick or thin, full-bodied or light-bodied, crisp and refreshing or rich and round…? The answers will clue you in to the wine style.

NY Wine Expo

Grand Tasting Pricing & Hours: Friday, March 1, 6pm to 10pm – $85 Saturday, March 2, 1pm to 5pm – $95 Sunday, March 3, Noon to 4pm (Trade only) Please note: Sunday, March 3 is dedicated to trade representatives. Liquor licensees from throughout the region are invited to attend on Sunday along with attendees of the co-located International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. The Wine Expo is not open to the general public on Sunday.

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