Top 8 Things to do to Get Over a Breakup in NYC


Stuck in a rut? Can’t get over a past relationship?

Here’s a quick list of things to do to get over a breakup in NYC:

1. Try a new look. A new haircut and a new outfit is a great way to a fresh start. Reminding yourself you still can bring sexy back is your new life motto. The challenge is to not constantly update your profile picture just to show your ex your new look. Honey, it’s time to move on! Sites such as offer great 1/2 priced specials for local places around the NYC Metro area.

2. Go on a trip. Go somewhere, anywhere. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far. Simply leaving your house is better than sleeping with tissues all over your bed. Fresh air and sunlight definitely beats your new skincare set.

3. Shake it off. Zumba is the best to shake the pain away and the extra calories from ice cream and chocolate. Zumba fitness centers also have one of the best thighs burning playlists. And who knew singing along with Single Ladies would be that much fun!

4. Boost your confidence. Going through a breakup eats up your confidence because you start questioning if you caused the relationship to end. Don’t. The last thing you need after a breakup is low self esteem. Your concern should be how to restore your ego. Turn your head to tango! Dig out that new pair of heels that you didn’t get a chance to wear and sign up for a tango class!

5. Attend a concert. Music heals your soul but it can also trigger the past. Stop replaying the song that reminds you of your first date. Instead, throw your hands in the air and nod to the new band in town!


6. Walk on the beach. The sound of the waves can give you inner peace and help you stay calm. If you need to, release your anger by shouting it to the ocean.

7. Watch a long movie. A two hour movie is the quickest way to forget what century you live in. A good movie will keep you interested that even when you walk out the theater, you are still pondering over the details.

8. Catch up with friends. Your friends might still be upset with you for ignoring them because you were busy being in a relationship, but true friends accept each other’s flaws.

6 thoughts on “Top 8 Things to do to Get Over a Breakup in NYC

  1. Working out’s got me through a few bad breakups before. Endorphins released during physical exercise may have a lot to do with it, but it also can make you feel good. And heck, if getting yourself in better shape to make you feel better about yourself doesn’t get you back out there, what will?

  2. I definitely recommend your suggestion of going on a trip. Nothing breaks the routine and literally gets you out of being in the funk you’re in than changing your surroundings. One of the worst breakups I ever had, I got through by disappearing on holiday for a week shortly after. Making a purposeful decision to move on, change my surroundings and get some sun was all the physical and mental healing I needed to start moving on properly.

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