Artistic New Directions presents Human Resources

Human Resources is a new comedy by Kristine Niven. The concept is four people vying for an executive position.  Each person needs the job for very dissimilar reasons, although none of the potential employees are truly qualified and no one can risk leaving the waiting room. All must get past the territorial executive assistant.  Who knows who will sabotage whom?

 The Twist: Human Resources is in full rehearsal all over the city. Currently, five theatre companies/teams are rehearsing the same play separately. For each performance, one actor from each company will be called to the theatre. Five characters who have never met will be played by five actors who have never met. Intrepid actors perform Without-a-Net and the audience is in on the game. There will be 25 showings, or 25 comedic opening nights.

Artistic New Directions produces improvisation (Unscripted New York, an Improvised Theatre Festival; Per4mance New York an Improvisation Intensive) and script (Flyovers by Jeffrey Sweet– starring Richard Kind & Michelle Pawk; With and Without  by Jeffrey Sweet– starring Reed Birney & Mia Dillon; Psychomachia by Jennifer Lane – starring Ashley Atkinson; and an annual Eclectic Evening of Shorts: Boxers & Briefs  – 10 minute plays by writers including Kia Corthron, Carol Hall, Arlene Hutton, Gary Garrison & Roland Tec.)

Mary Hines, an improviser for Gotham City Improv, will be one of the performers

Mary Hines, an improviser for Gotham City Improv, will be one of the performers

Without-a-Net is a marriage of improvisation and scripted work, the singular domain of Artistic New Directions in New York City.   Each performance sees one actor from each company on stage knowing only their own character and lines.  The improvisation is unscripted; working with others whom they don’t quite know, with the added pressure of a live audience.

Directors: Pharah Jean-Philippe (Modern-Day Griot Theatre), Lori Kee (FAB Women/The Barrow Group), Kathryn L. Long (Artistic New Directions) and Troy Miller (Emerging Artists), Janice L. Goldberg (Artistic Co-Director, Artistic New Directions).

Set and Costume Design, Arnold Bueso; Lighting Design, Christopher M. D’Angelo

Production Stage Manager, Jim Armstrong

WHEN: February 20 through March 3, 2013
Performance Schedule:

Wed—20, 7p & 9:30p, Thu-21, 7p & 9:30, Fri-22, 7p & 9:30p, Sat-23, 3p, 7p & 9:30pm, Sun-24, 3pm & 7pm
Mon—25, 7p & 9:30p, Tues-26, 7p & 9:30pm, Wed-27, 7p & 9:30pm, Thu-28, 7p & 9:30p,

Fri—3/1, 7p & 9:30p, Sat—2, 2p & 7p & 9:30p Sun—3, 2p
WHERE: Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios    244 W. 54th St.

TICKETS: $18 per person, click here for ticketing information  or  call 212 868 4444

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