Reality Check Ahead: Attempting to Be a Good Samaritan

Let me paint the picture! My friend and I were walking towards a subway station headed Downtown and just as we approached the entrance, a tall, Amazon-like woman ran past us in a mad dash and a few feet behind was a somewhat overweight middle-aged man chasing after the woman.

The screaming is a combined remix symphony of ” help, police stop her”, “help” (Repeat several times). So, naturally this sparked interest and the adrenaline rush motivated the inner hero to do the right thing and chase after Amazon lady in high heel boots. Ok, here is a little secret, I run long distance (Shush, we can keep this just between us) however, this girl was faster.

Currently, this presents a train like motion of activity; the girl is the leader of this situation, I’m behind her, followed by my friend, and then last but not least is the middle-aged man- sounds fun right? It gets interesting; read on. At this point, it is totally game on and this is now becomes a mission. She makes a quick turn, and I am so close to her, that I can taste victory.

Amazon lady totally goes rogue and starts running towards me, stops midway, takes out a sharp object, and points it towards my direction.

Common sense could not have slapped me sooner and reality fast-forwards to the unforeseen and reminds me of the future to-do list that remains un-checked.First, there is a wedding situation on Saturday, future marathons, Olympics, The Brazilian World Cup, and other events in life requiring my attendance; the possibility of having kids and Valentine cards that still have not made their way to the post-office.

Who will get my Buddha statues, my favorite peacoat that remains captive at the Cleaners? Who will write future blogs including this one?

Who will press the “send” button to the message that I forgot to press “send” on the email to the cutie on the dating site?

Granted, excluding family and friends, these are not important things to consider given the current moment, like, I remain clueless for the real reason behind this pursuit. However,  in lieu of getting shanked in the middle of the street and having to explain how a night out ends up on the nightly news, my friend and I decided to call it a night and let someone else or the universal law of karma deal with this matter. Amazon woman kept running, and eventually the middle-aged man gave up. I promise one of these days, I will learn to mind my own beeswax but in the meantime, I tried to be a good Samaritan.

By: Laura M Artis

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