The Squeeze on The Squeeze


I first heard about The Squeeze a few weeks before New York Fashion Week. In the sea of fashionistas and designers, the talk of the day was cleansing and eating better. One of the girls was a strict vegan who swore by The Squeeze and the healthy ingredients in the products. As a celiac, I have a hard time avoiding gluten based products. Both girls peaked my interest, and I knew I had to head over to The Squeeze to sample some of their products.

The Squeeze offers cleansing packages as well as juices and other snacks to get you through the day. Whether you are a “cleansing virgin” or a “hard-core enthusiast”, The Squeeze has 4 carefully designed programs to help you cleanse healthily and deeply.

From “The Main Squeeze”, which is fueled by green juices, the cleanse works to detoxify the body. Starting at a reasonable $59, you can be on the cleanse from 1-30 days. The “Squeezewich” is for the more intermediate cleansers. The plan offers 3 meals a day, juices, a lemonade, a flavored “milk”, and a booster. This is by far one of my favorite cleanses, as it offers food and not just juices.


One of my favorite things about my new find, is their humorous titles. From a light cucumber/aloe tasting “My Plastic Surgeon Got Laid Off…By Me”, to my personal favorite, the citrusy “The Jeans I Wore In Highschool”, their wide variety is both fun and tastes delicious.

For treats, the “Almond Joy” was to die for. Tasting like a true candy bar, but made with organic and raw products, I only disappointed when I ate the last bite. More savory snacks such as The Squeeze’s “Funions” would satisfy any salty craving. I will warn you, the Funions pack a potent punch, with their garlic and onion seasoning. I was able to eat a few and share, while feeling full and more satisfied than any bag of chips. Other treats include Chocolate Granola, Kale Chips, and Granola to satisfy 3pm snacking midday mood.

The best thing about The Squeeze is that they come to you. Follow their Twitter account (@TheSqueezeTruck)  to see daily food truck locations. I have seen them linger around Union Square and in Chelsea, so I can confirm they are always on the go.


I have always had the belief that if something tastes good, it’s probably not good for you. With The Squeeze, I stand corrected. So why not stop by, grab a juice and a snack, and get lost in “good for you” deliciousness? I know I did, and I’m hooked.

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