Piloxing: Get into it


Kickboxing? Yes. Pilates? Yes of course; combining both for an awesome workout, huh! Well, before your attention scatters on the floor like last years new years resolution here is the direction of this article. As soon as you think you can no longer subscribe to new forms of exercise – along comes Piloxing.

This is a unique method of burning fat and building lean muscle using basic – no high intensity Pilates and Boxing moves. Piloxing, created by Swedish native Viveca Jensen – a professional dancer, Pilates instructor, and former body builder who integrated her business skills and created this kick-ass routine just for you.

So are you ready? I hope so because whether you like it or not, it’s happening and get ready to make this the new water cooler topic after conquering it.

The workout begins with a routine warm-up and then picks up the momentum with intense movements geared to shred the muffin top with Boxing while giving you the flexibility and balance perks of Pilates; and hopefully in the end you will feel sleek, sexy and powerful.

Attention all ladies, summer is literally around the corner – OK maybe not perhaps a few months away. And even though it is easier to sit around and eat a whole bag of potato chips, or satisfy a broken heart with a tub of ice cream, and blame Ol’ Man Winter for the lack of motivation this is the time to get started.


Additionally, cruise season is happening always in the air so why not take the plunge invest in a Viveca Jensen set or custom made weighted gloves, and still buy that bikini as motivation to reach your goal.

Keep in mind regardless of any new workout routine that you decide to indulge in, consult your treating physician to gain the proper health clearance, stay hydrated, stay focused and have fun.


By: Laura M. Artis.

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