Leave Lindsay Alone

Can we stop trashing Lindsay Lohan? Jesus Harry Christ people. This society is full of degenerates. A child star grows up troubled, obviously has serious mental issues and is struggling to cope so let’s… just destroy her 24/7 and make her problems worse all for making a few dollars on a shitty gossip TV show. Go fuck yourselves. Now don’t get me wrong I love trashing people too, but I love doing it to assholes who don’t deserve their fame or are detrimental to the state of society. Let’s not forget that Lindsay Lohan has been a talented actress for most of her life, but like most child stars she grew up to have a shit adult life. A life made worse by the low life zeros from gossip websites and gossip TV shows who have never accomplished anything on their own so they have to attach their hooks to the backs of celebrities.

The main dolt that comes to mind is Perez Hilton, a raging pile of shit with way too much confidence and self-importance. He has never done a single creative thing in his life besides writing a children’s book about being a douche bag with dyed hair and writing a song about Gonorrhea. Mr. Hilton has earned the right to trash people in the same way I earned the right to be a brain surgeon after winning a game of Operation. Now I understand that I am no celebrity and have accomplished very little myself, but I write original comedy material and perform it on a stage trying to advance my career through creativity instead of being a talking head, teleprompter reading dick hole who has never had an original thought about anything of substance.

All these people are just jokes. Mario Lopez, Pat O’Brien, Ryan Seacrest, all just talent less hacks. They should be the laughing stock of society strung up Mussolini style and stoned to death. Like Joan Rivers and her squid daughter Melissa. These two look like Mr. Potato Head’s children who he used to hit back when he was still drinking, yet they have the audacity to criticize someone who is wearing a shitty dress. Even though I can’t stand Joan Rivers I have to give her credit for making an original creative career for herself in comedy. But her leech daughter is another one of the worst people on earth, and that’s including Kim Jong Un. Melissa Rivers is a brain dead trash bag who wouldn’t have a career if her fist wasn’t up her mother’s ass and she thinks she’s earned her fame and she can criticize whatever she wants. Dude, if your fucking career comes down to saying something like, Penelope Cruz shouldn’t wear blue because it doesn’t accent her features,” you are a useless drone.

*****And Penelope Cruz can wear whatever she wants because she is a flawless goddess that I would crawl into the depths of Hell for and make a deal with Satan himself for an eternity of damnation just for one opportunity to bone her.

Get this,(obviously I’m doing research while typing) Perez Hilton started supporting an anti-bullying campaign to prevent bullying on gay teenagers. Which is a great cause, but wow what a fucking hypocrite. So bullying is fine when you personally make money off of it, but when it affects you then it’s bad. Go fuck yourself you phony.

I love trashing people who deserve it but this whole culture we live in is fucked. Gossip bloggers and gossip TV hosts are the bane of society and I hate them, but they would be nothing without the mindless assholes who pay attention to them. The stupid hypocrite parents who cry about their kid getting picked on in school then turn around and laugh at poor Lindsay for smashing her car into a telephone pole because she’s blasted. Lindsay Lohan is a hero. Rarely is a remake better than the original but her acting in the movie about the twins was fantastic. She keeps trying to right the ship but every time she gets a new acting gig people just start screaming negative shit about it until it all falls apart and she’s out on her ass again. Give her a chance people. I just don’t see where the entertainment is in an emotional breakdown. Would it be socially acceptable for me to walk into a mental hospital and go up to a patient and say, “hey you loser, why don’t do stop being so pathetic.” No, it wouldn’t. So why is it cool to do it to someone just because they’re on TV?

I don’t really know what I’m trying to say here. I just went online and saw ANOTHER Lindsay Lohan story and thought enough. Just leave the fucking girl alone. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to bash Perez Hilton so I figured it fit. Have a good day.


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