sami.the.great: Modern Siren in the City

My roommate doesn’t like artists with “the great” in their names. Too bad for her, sami.the.great is keeping her name…mostly because she kind of is great. Her track, Making Eyes, from the most recent album she’s released instantly made it onto my favorites list for all the right reasons, the very least of which are her inspirations.

“A lot of songs from the 50s and 60s I find really inspiring,” she shares. “…a lot of the girl groups like The Supremes and The Crystals and The Ronettes; all those “the” and then a word after. I’m super into them. I love the harmonies and I’m huge at incorporating them into my songs.”

Despite the fact that I’ve never in my life considered myself to be a fan of that style music, Sami’s special blend of herself with previous decades makes me feel like I’m in love with someone, and I don’t even know who. She’s created a style all her own that’s impossible not to immediately fall for. Sami may draw her inspiration from 50’s music, but her unique style and angelic voice are perfect for what she describes as “indie-pop,” though I’m not even sure that does her justice.

“I think I would describe my music pretty much as indie pop,” Sami says. “It’s definitely pop but not the kind you hear Katy Perry or Rihanna singing, but it’s not hipster indie music.”

Whatever it is, I love it, and I love the genuine place it comes from. Like many musicians before her and many who will come after her, sami.the.great writes from a place of heartbreak, but she’s clear about the fact that heartache isn’t always related to love and relationships.

“My biggest inspiration is definitely heartbreak, but it’s not necessarily always about a guy hurting me or heartbreak from love,” Sami explains. “I write about the loss of my childhood a lot and being sad about growing up. Heartbreak about frustrations with the world that I’m in, the music world, which can be really frustrating and heartbreaking sometimes. We’re sensitive people—artists are sensitive people.”

Her relatable, mesmerizing music only drives home the idea that this sensitive nature of an artist is key to finding creative success. Having released three EPs (though only two count) and finally a full-length album, Sami has taken to the road, starting with Brooklyn’s Glasslands, to spread her new, siren-esque sound across the United States. Despite all my desires, I’m not psychic, but I would be willing to bet that sami.the.great will be a well-known musician from coast to coast and in between by the end of this year. Mark my words…even though I kinda just did.

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