Beaumarchais: Brunch gone wild


Before we proceed, here is a personal homage to the best mid-afternoon party-like situation ever invented since dinner parties – yes it totally ranks high in the coolness meter.

On that note, it as an honor to introduce to you the greatest daytime party that everyone should attend at-least once in a lifetime and that is…Brunch at Brasseries Beaumarchais formerly known as Bagatelle.

The process: Reservations made a month in advance, confirmed, and finally  come full circle to make them a reality. A wave of excitement rushes through you as you step into the door and after a few minutes we have a  table. Rounds of adult beverages and plates of food circumnavigate around as well.

Later on…. just when you think the brunch is over and you are ready to call it a night, think again because this is where the real fun begins. Suddenly, the DJ turns up the volume on his system, window shades descend, sounds of excitement magnifies.

What the?!

Napkins and dishes fly from one direction to another,  people dance on tables, an abundance of extreme, un-interrupted mid-afternoon fun erupts and it’s chaos but the scene momentarily transports you from Downtown New York to Europe as the DJ continues to seduce you with his tunes.

After a few hours of awesomeness, the party ends, you re-collect your sanity and integrity and promise to do the next best thing –  not promise to never come back, on the contrary my friend, you make reservations for the following month before stepping out and proclaiming this as the best brunch ever in existence.





409 W 13th St  New York, 10014

(212) 675-2400

By: Laura M. Artis.

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