Introducing Shanna Sharp: Professional Alternative Polka Singer

When I first arrived on the scene to chat up Shanna Sharp I managed to be obnoxiously early as per usual. However, this time I was lucky enough to be rewarded for my promptness with a serenade as Sharp and her backing men warmed up before a show. As I sat watching them practice I couldn’t believe this girl was even bothering to use the microphone, because damn she has some lungs on her! The recordings I’d listened to in preparation for the interview don’t even come close to doing her justice. Sharp is supported by Brian Nash on keys and Michael Herklotz on drums and my, were they some dapper fellows.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Jemma Evans

Miss Sharp writes all of the music initially but says that “It always takes on a new life when you add other people, their influence; their feelings are going to come into it.”

Currently, Sharp is working on putting out a new record Silver Linings Under Grey on April 2nd.

Much of Sharp’s past music has centered around relationships and heartbreak but this record focuses more on the future and what Sharp hopes to find in life.

She elaborates that “All my art that I always put out is always about loss and sadness and losing things and I was like this sucks! So what if I kind of challenged myself to write songs about what I actually want from my life and the type of love that I really wanted.”

She also goes on to explain that it’s not all happy go lucky and there’s always going to be grey in life and that too is reflected in the record.

Sharp declares her music “alternative polka,” just one of the jokes she shared with me during our meeting. But seriously, it’s hard to put Sharp’s music into only a single genre, so why not invent her own? Her tunes are not really country, but Sharp often adds a southern twang as well as a bit of yodeling and has been described as alternative rock with a southern touch. Many have gone so far as to call her the “Southern Adele,” which Sharp adores, mostly due to a desire to share Adele’s clothes and have her hair stylist. Although, if they ever played together we might have some sort of Celebrity Deathmatch with all those redheads on stage.

Side note: Not only is this chick hilarious but she also shares my love of Waffle House, making us instant best friends for life whether she wants it or not.

Check out her new record on April 2nd and watch the video of her single “No More Time for the Show” here. Then catch her live at Rockwood Music Hall April 25th where you will probably find Sharp and I at the bar arguing over the best way to order Waffle House hash browns (obviously scattered, smothered, covered).

MORE INFO: Shanna Sharp Website
WHEN: Thursday, April 25th, Show 7:00 PM
WHERE: Rockwood Music Hall 196 Allen St, Manhattan (Stage 2)

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