NYSS: Practically SXSW

Not for lack of trying, NY Social Status couldn’t quite make it to South by Southwest this year. Don’t let that fool you into thinking we weren’t privy to all that delicious music, though.

In addition to all the great bands from Brooklyn and NYC that we’ve added to our “Listen  To” list, several of our favorite recently covered bands performed at this year’s festival and will hopefully be back again next year. I’m sure you guys regularly re-read the music section to make sure you don’t miss anything,  but just to make it easier for you, check these bands who were in NY Social Status over the last year and made hella waves at SXSW 2013.

PushMethod– Obviously these guys are first and foremost. They’ve been with the ladies (and Ryan) at NY Social Status since the beginning, and for good reason: We’re all awesome. With a unique blend of rock, hip-hop and well thought-out lyrics, PushMethod hits home for a lot of us here in the big city. If their music doesn’t grab you first, their live performances are sure to do the trick. I broke a sweat at their last show without a bit of shame. Do yourself a favor, find them live and go to there.

Conveyor– Remember these guys from way back in our yesteryear? The guys from Conveyor impressed us with their quirky, indie music and powerful performance at Mercury Lounge last year. It’s hard to forget the transformation lead vocalist and guitarist, TJ Masters made from tall, quiet band member to dynamic, music-possessed front man. Shit, who would want to? Not us.

Cheryl Engelhardt– She may not have shown SXSW her skills on the keys, but she did co-present a session on perfecting online hits as a method for attracting and maintaining long-term viewers. Based on our discussion with her around what it takes to make your own music career, I’m betting she shared some gems with the good peeps of Austin.

Black Bird White Sky- There’s something wild going on in the combination of insanely versatile vocals and the modern DJ setup and sounds of Black Bird White Sky. Now Austin, Texas knows about it. Don’t say we didn’t try to tell you first. We’ve been on these guys since their show at NYC’s Hoodie Shop and CMJ showcase at Brooklyn’s Bar Matchless. Get on it. You’re well overdue.

Ambassadors- Without doubt, Ambassadors was one of the highlights of our musical year last year.  After being literally stunned with their CMJ performance at Arlene’s, we obviously had to know the secret behind such an epic sound. While we didn’t quite find that out, we had a little chat with vocalist Sam Harris about the fast track to rockstar life and their music video featuring Girls star, Zosia Mamet. In short, Ambassadors have harnessed musical perfection in their expert combination of rock and indie guitar and unbridled passion. I can’t get enough.

Computer Magic- Computer Magic grabbed us pretty well at CMJ too. Fitting perfectly into modern music’s love for female vocals and electro-synth, anyone with an appreciation for the progress of music through technology can’t deny the irresistible appeal of Computer Magic. Members Danz and Egan have stumbled onto something, and I’d recommend you do the same.

Photo credit to golightlymedia.com

Photo credit to golightlymedia.com

Skinny Lister- Ah, Skinny Lister. One of our personal favorite UK bands. These guys instantly impressed my closest friend here, who normally wraps up his review of my musical interests with, “Cool.” This time he shouted out Skinny Lister on Twitter. TWITTER! On their second tour of the U.S., British folk band, Skinny Lister, took a break from holding it down with Flogging Molly to get down and dirty with Texas. Maybe us Texas folk aren’t as sophisticated as the Brits we came from, but we sure as hell know how to party, and I’m have no doubt that Skinny Lister’s Lorna Thomas and her boys found plenty of rowdy company in the heart of Austin.

sami.the.great– We may have just stumbled onto this 50’s throwback siren, but that doesn’t mean we love her any less. In fact, I’m borderline obsessed. Can we say, “Repeat?” If Sami’s romantic woos picked up any fans in Austin even half as ardent as this one, she’s on the right track.

NY Social Status is just a lil’ baby blog compared to all these seasoned web vets, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t hustling up that good shit. If this many bands we liked made it to SXSW in 2013, just imagine what next year will be like. Don’t stray far. Unless you hate good music. Then you’re dead to me.

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