SXSW: A Review For New Yorkers Who Followed From Afar

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South By Southwest (SXSW) has come and gone, and yet again I’m left out in the cold with not enough dough to make the trip (I know I’m not the only one who feels this way).  I swear it’s going to happen before I die.  My old bones have become crotchety and my music collection dusty. SXSW is hailed as the perfect place to find new bands from all over the world and it is beyond due that I attend.  With that being said, over 100 artists and bands from Brooklyn played SXSW so I’m going to have to settle this year with checking out some local acts (that you can see right here in NYC!) who made the trip and share the sweet tunage with you!

Andrew W.K.

This wouldn’t be an NYC SXSW article without first mentioning Andrew W.K.

W.K. is quoted as saying, “I don’t make music. I make parties.”

And that he does. I’ve had the opportunity to meet this handsome fellow and dance around like a crazy person on stage with all my friends during his set. He’s also one of the sweetest and funniest dudes I’ve ever encountered, and for that he will always be on the top of my list. Also because of this.

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Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts is the type of band I would love to see in a small, cramped basement with my best pals and the sound turned up loud enough to feel your eardrums exploding. I’ve been meaning to catch them in Brooklyn but haven’t had the pleasure yet. I will make this happen. You should too.

The Attic Ends

So I lied a little bit when I said I was going to share new tunes with you.  I got to personally see The Attic Ends open for my pals The Peeps and damn son, that girl can sing!  Total props to her ridiculously strong voice but if I recall correctly their show was a bit lacking.  They played way too long and didn’t really get the hint that their audience was bored and breaking up. They are still a pretty young band and recently raised something to the tune of $17,000 dollars for a new record, so obviously people like them. I’m excited to see how they grow as a band, and hopefully they can master the art of live performance.


Heliotropes is a cute little girl band with a dark side.  Generally I’m really not a huge fan of girl bands, as I’ve always felt a lot of them get off on the idea of  “We’re girls! We’re in a band! Yeahhhhh!!!” when in actuality they can’t play their instruments for shit.   Heliotropes, however, is not that. They definitely give off a stoner rock and psychedelic sound that you can enjoy sober. I could see myself blasting them in my (imaginary) car with windows down.

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Originally hailing from Florida, Conveyor has taken over Brooklyn.  They’re not really my cup of tea but I can see all you little hipsters loving this stuff. They are a really tight band, making good music, and obviously having a ton of fun doing it.  I do have to admit they are catchy as hell, not to mention they were featured in NY Social Status last year!

The Death Set

These boys are originally from Australia (those accents… am I right ladies?), toured the world, skipped around the east coast, and landed in Brooklyn.  When looking into this band the first song I came across was “I miss you Beau Velasco.”  I then found out Velasco was a member of the band who passed away a few years ago.  After feeling really fucking bummed for a few minutes I started the song and immediately that despair went away.  The Death Set just plain rules. Most of their album Michel Poiccard is meant to celebrate Velasco’s life, and I definitely plan on checking these dudes out the first chance I get.


Carousel is your standard indie dance music but I’m not saying I wouldn’t shamelessly dance my face off to it at Home Sweet Home or Union Pool.  I also see myself blasting it in lab on the days I hate science and want to throw all my bacteria at the wall. So take your pick: dance off face or relax at work during a hectic day. Either way, this is a Carousel you wanna hop on.

In toto, yet another year has passed where I have missed this awesome festival (and ridiculously warm weather).  However, I can’t get too down when I realize that most of the bands who played SXSW are only a train ride away.  Also, the bands not hailing from our fine city can be found touring and playing at any number of venues in this city. So I pose to you, readers, go to a random show next week and see one of the above bands or just pick a random venue and see what’s up.  I know I will be doing so.

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