Curfew: A Moment In Time


Life is funny that way when we think we have everything figured out and then something happens causing our world to crumble into a dark existence. And as Winston Churchill says “if you are going through hell, keep going,” because there is always that silver lining at the end of the tunnel that magnifies that all is possible.

 This is the definition of the short film previously viewed titled Curfewdirected by Shawn Christensen. This short film is about a Richie, a man going through life surrounded by endless chaos and everything changes when his sister asks him to watch his niece Sophia for a few hours. Sophia is an independent and mature young soul who seems to temporarily bring peace to Richie’s life as he goes through his daily routine of abnormal madness.

 And you wonder is learning from whom? Perhaps this small interruption to his jungle of an existence is what he needs to re-evaluate his priorities in life; or maybe not. In conclusion it was a great film and it was more than honor to view it as it injects further thought provoking questions of life itself.

 By: Laura M. Artis.

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