Gutai: Let’s Play at the Guggenheim


Once upon a time, there is wonderful museum called the Guggenheim and this our next stop for fun. Now, for those who are not familiar with this NYC landmark, it sits on the lofty Upper East Side of Manhattan. And before we go on, this is the homage and continued respect for the genius mastermind behind this creation – Solomon R Guggenheim.

The Museum is perfectly tucked away between swanky condos and apartment buildings and sticks out like a sore thumb – but in a good way because through the years and current moments in time remains to attract a beautiful mix of eccentricity with its visitors and extraordinary exhibits.

It’s kind of slapping reality and normalcy in the face- and that’s a great thing to do once in a while.

So after that little history lesson, let’s move on to the real reason of exploiting the experience: the Gutai Splendid Playground. The exhibit channels and outlines Japanese postwar reactions during the 1950-60’s era. It takes us through this journey and vision of the artists as they create an outlet of their lives via amazing works of art.

Gutai means “concreteness” so all throughout the Museum, it is chronologically arranged to showcase the following themes: Play, Network, Concept, The Concrete, Performance Painting and Environmental Art.

The exhibit begins once you walk in and take a moment to gaze up as we take a journey through Motonaga Sadamas’ creative release titled Work (Water) sets the tone for the remainder of the exhibit.

Other favorites included the Work (Bell) , an assembly of bells intricately wired to ignite one after the other after activation of one bell. Additionally, the Electric Dress was another piece ranking in the top five of the list. Tanaka Atsuo, the artist responsible for these two avant-garde thought processes, manufactured a dress composed of brightly colored light-bulbs.

I swear it’s the missing spice that belongs in my closet!.

As you make your the way on different levels of the museum, make sure to take pictures of Yoshido Minoru’s Bisexual Flower too; I bet that got your attention huh?

This is an exquisite creation combining different geometric shapes, abstract art mixed with colorful light. It’s amazing how much the mind if capable of doing if we kick fear to the side, and inject focus all in the name of self expression.

So, if this ignites your interest further the Splendid Playground remains on display until May 8, 2013.

By: Laura M Artis.

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