5 Ways To Treat Yourself When You Are Single In New York City

Couples are a bunch of spoiled brats. They need attention. They don’t want to compromise. They cause a scene in public. If you dislike babysitting your nieces or nephews, think twice before agreeing to be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Do people still ask or does Facebook status say it all? I don’t know much about the couple world but the single world sure is great because the focus is on me and no one else. Marketers, stop trying to convert me. Dr. Seuss said, “All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone is something you’ll be quite a lot!” so embrace it by doing the following:


1. Apply a face mask. Who says you need to get a facial when you can simply enjoy a face mask at home? Face masks leave your skin clean and refresh. Gents, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your face smelling like cucumbers by the way.

2. Take a bubble bath. How many of us still enjoy bubble baths? I bet many of us still do, but lack the time to do so. Spend a free night in bubbles and rose pedals. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or grape juice if you are broke). Turn off your cell phone. Log off Twitter and Facebook.

3. Try a new recipe. One of the joys about trying a new recipe is that you don’t know the result but you anticipate your dish to be good anyway. After a work week of eat outs, hearty homemade dinners are a great way to apologize to your stomach for taking in all the additional calories.

4. Take a free martial arts class. After living in the city for less than a month, you learn where the cheap eats and free events are located. Whether it’s the dollar slice pizzas or free martial arts classes on Vimbly, you quickly pick up survival tips in order to stay on budget.

5. Start a movie marathon. Re-watching Disney classics and singing along to I’ll Make A Man Out of You on Netflix is definitely an affordable treat.

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