New York International Car Show

I enjoy going to the New York International Auto Show as it reminds me of being a kid. I used to go every year with my Dad, Grandpa and cousins and decided to bring them along this year. This was the first time I had gone in about 3 years and it is still great. I don’t really care too much about cars I just like the atmosphere.

We started the routine like we always do with beer and hot dogs, then started to walk around. My first thought when we hit the showroom was “I feel that most of the douche bags here just bought tickets to get new Facebook profile pictures.”

Volkswagon had a nice display and their display girl was top notch. But I really liked the look of the new Beetle as they made it less of a girl car and more so that anyone could drive it.

Chevy is bringing back the Camaro Z28 for the first time since 2002 and it looks real nice. I’m not too much of a sports car person and I don’t know anything about the car but on looks alone I would consider buying it if I wasn’t broke. Chevy is also bringing back the Corvette Sting Ray for the first time in decades and that also looked great.

Rolls Royce was selling a car for $280,000. There’s not much to say about it other than holy shit. I would never spend that much on a car even if I was a millionaire. That is just asshole status symbol garbage at its highest degree.

Audi had the best display though, and that is a completely biased opinion because they make my favorite cars. I don’t know anything about them like torque and horse power and turn radius or whatever I just like the way they look. Everything from the A Series to the R Series is just swell. I recommend checking out the cars and SUVs they have coming out. I also recommend Audi give me a free car for mentioning them.

Now onto the real prize from the car show, there are some SICK vans coming out. Most of the made for work style vans are going with a Euro camper van trend this year which I am totally into. After walking around the car show for 3 hours I decided my next vehicle is going to be a van. I feel like it fits my killer personality.

A paint job trend I noticed walking around that looks like it will be the big thing in 2013/2014 is a flat coat. Every auto company there from Jaguar to Ford to Mercedes had a model of  sports car with a flat base non shiny paint job. I liked it. I’m a boring person that only wears shades of grey and black so non-flashy definitely fits my style.

Overall the car show was a good time. The lady at the hot dog stand was a horrible creature who managed to screw up the simplest order but other than that the beer was solid and the cars were pretty cool. I look forward to going next year.


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