Sevendust Takes the Tri-State Area

Every once in a while I’ll drop a band name that no one remembers and feel old as hell. Unfortunately, that keeps happening with Sevendust due to their upcoming shows in my area; however, I feel less like an old lady and more like one of the fortunate few who still remembers awesome music without an indie twist.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love me some indie, but my roots will always be in rock and metal, and oh, Sevendust does them so well. I don’t wanna admit that it’s been high school since I really rocked out to them, but I’m no liar, so I’ve gotta say it’s true. That doesn’t change the fact that their newly released album, Black Out the Sun has welcomed them back into my life. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to catch their tri-state shows during the accompanying tour as well.

After spending only one month–no I’m not kidding–writing and tracking at New Jersey’s own Architekt Studios, Sevendust released their first new album since 2010’s Cold Day Memory and freaking killed it. The album debuted at number 1 on the iTunes Rock Charts, and within a few hours hit number 8 on the overall charts–quite a feat for a metal band, especially considering the fact that pop icons, Justin Timberlake and Pink both released albums in the same week. Coolest part of this all? The guys essentially watched their hard work climb the charts on air with Rockline. If they somehow didn’t know they’d made it (they’d be dumb as rocks not to, though…sorry, guys), they know now. And so does everyone else.

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The guys have hit the road now to bring us this new music live, featuring an acoustic track, “Got a Feeling,” which features all the band members on vocals for the first time ever as well as “Murderbar,” a term coined by drummer, Morgan Rose and his desire to drink in a small North Jersey town, even if it resulted in his murder. Aside from that, the guys will undoubtedly give us all kinds of good shit from their newest album as well as all those we already know and love. In other words, your argument against checking them out at NYC’s Best Buy Theatre or Asbury Park, NJ’s Stone Pony is invalid. Furthermore, if you were formulating an argument in the first place, you are now invalid. Fin.

Where: Best Buy Theater, 1515 Broadway

When: Wednesday, April 17 @ 6:00

Where: Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ

When: Saturday, April 20–Doors @ 6:00

P.S. Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil and Stolen Babies are accompanying! GO!

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