Some Insight into Audio Insight

It seems lately there is an unspoken assumption that being creative and being formally educated are two roads diverged in a wood, and we must choose one. I’ve got news for ole Bobby Frost, Audio Insight is breaking that rule and flippin’ the metaphorical bird to all the big wigs who seem to think it’s a black and white situation.

Photo credit to Julianne Karr

Photo credit to Julianne Karr

As three guys who came together to occasionally jam during high school, Audio Insight has made amazing strides in the journey from baby band to successful, musicians with a fan base in quite a short span of time. Only an official band since their senior year in high school, Audio Insight now boasts performances with some of their favorite musicians as well as two performances at Bamboozle, one within their first year of real focus. With growth that rapid, the guys from Audio Insight have definitely done a little learning about what it means to be a musician.

“With any band, time equals experience and growth by default,” vocalist and guitarist Anthony Celi explains. “When we started out we were a bunch of kids, and we learned it’s not that easy. It’s constantly, in addition to the music, promoting and traveling and putting yourself out there.”

Despite the hard work that comes along with the passion of an artist, Celi and his bandmates, Mike Deverin on bass and Dan Sullivan on percussion, haven’t shied away from pursuing their educations.

“Obviously music is my passion, but I’m also really into philosophy,” Celi explains. “So I’m going to school for philosophy.”

Deverin and Sullivan are also enrolled in New Jersey colleges for nutrition/dietetics and sound recording/music production respectively. Though it may seem like a lot of work, Audio Insight hasn’t had trouble juggling the responsibilities associated with music careers and the focus involved in being full-time students.

“It’s pretty constant.,” Celi says. “We’re constantly writing, and when we’re not in school we’re doing shows.”

Though being a student is a full-time job on its own, it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the success these guys have in making their music work.

“The songwriting happens very sporadically,” Celi explains. “So it’s not like we sit down together and think, ‘We’re gonna make a song, let’s do it.’ I’ll be wherever, at school in class or on a train, and I’ll write. When we’re all home, I bring the skeletons of the songs to Mike and Dan and we develop the songs.”

Even traveling and doing shows hasn’t presented much of an issue for Audio Insight, as they seem to have their priorities in perfect order. Celi and Deverin maintain that they focus on class and composition during the school year and spend their breaks and time at home dedicated to furthering their strides in music. Though they do have occasional shows during the school year, they generally stick to weekend performances in areas surrounding their schools. That said, the guys aren’t afraid to take a chance on what they love.

Photo credit to Julianne Karr

Photo credit to Julianne Karr

“If it comes down to it, we can do a little traveling and miss a little school if we have to,” Celi maintains. “If we have a big opportunity, we’re not gonna pass it up.”

With work ethics and attitudes like theirs, it’s not unlikely that Audio Insight will have all kinds of big opportunities, and according to Celi, they’re ready for the challenge.

“I wanna be able to make a career out of the thing I love,” he explains. “Not only is it a creative outlet, it’s a very intimate, passionate experience for me because I’m constantly learning about myself and others. If we can find other people that support us, that’s even better. Pretty much we’re gonna take it as far as it can go. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’re gonna see if our efforts pay off.”

I’m betting they will. Due to excessive sleep, I missed these guys in Brooklyn last month, which is a damn shame, because it seems they love Brooklyn over the rest of the city (score 1 for BK!). Fortunately, though, they’re not too far away and are taking the stage at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, New Jersey this Saturday to celebrate certain undocumented holidays. Don’t be dumb…you know what I mean. Go there. Or be square.

Where: 10th Street Live, 104 N. 10th Street, Kenilworth, NJ

When: Saturday, April 20, Doors open @ 8:00

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