Dead Professional: Finally, An Artist You And Your Dad Can Agree On

John Harouff is Dead Professional. Utilizing simple drum loops and a vocal harmony pedal, Harouff is able to pull off the sound and impact of a full band all by his lonesome. After playing in the folky-pop-alt duo The Cinnamon Band (Harrisonburg, Virginia), he decided it was easier to get his personal work out to the world if he produced it on his own.

When I first met Harouff, many moons ago, I couldn’t believe the sound TCB was able to produce with only two dudes (imagine ridiculously loud basement shows… but only two people. It was seriously confusing). Harouff’s solo stuff has definitely evolved out of TCB’s simplicity but with the complexity allowed by having complete control over the writing and performing process. These initial songs have come together as Dead Professional’s first release, aptly named Baby Demos.

Photo Credit: Dead Professional FB

Photo Credit: Dead Professional FB

“Well, I had to fill in the “Album Title” blank with something,” Harouff says. “Baby Demos was meant to underscore the fact that this was a new thing and these were works in progress.”

My personal favorite song on the demo is “Don’t be Cruel.” With lyrics like “Don’t be cruel, don’t keep on twistin’ the knife if you’re not gonna cut me loose” you can’t help but feel the passion Harouff puts into each song. Then it makes sense that he hopes his emotion and melody will keep the audience coming back for more.

“A friend once told me he listened to a song of mine on repeat when he was going through a breakup. Maybe it’s weird but I took it as a major compliment.” Harouff says about how his tunes impact on his audience.

Now that you’re stoked on Dead Professional but sad he hails from Virginia, have no fear! Dead Professional is playing at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn FOR FREE on Friday, April 26,th at 11pm. So bring your dad, mom, lady, manfriend, or just come by your lonesome for some laid back but incredibly mind blowing solo tunes.

LISTEN: Dead Professional Bandcamp

WHEN: April 26th at 11 pm

WHERE: Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. Brooklyn


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