Earthling: Redefining What It Means To Shred

Photo Credit: Earthling Facebook

Photo Credit: Earthling Facebook

Alright ladies and gents, practice your headbanging this week because Virginia’s very own Earthling is coming to Brooklyn this Saturday, April 27th. Who is this headbanging worthy band you ask? Earthling is the crusty heaviness that defines classic black metal but with a healthy mix of doom and thrash. Your mother would definitely not approve (all the better amirite?).

Earthling consists of Brently Hilliard (drums), Praveen Chhetri (guitar), Jordan Brunk (bass), and Alan Fary (guitar and vocals). Fary is also in Valkyrie which shares a member of Baroness, so you know this isn’t your neighbor kid’s garage metal band.

I had the pleasure of residing with some of these dudes at the almighty Crayola House and spent many a night trying to go to bed when they were practicing their faces off in the basement. All that hard work has finally paid off and they will be releasing their first full length record, Dark Path, on Forcefield Records May 7th.

“There really isn’t a concept running through the whole album,” Fary says of Dark Path, “but the lyrics I write are typically about destruction, society’s problems, nature, freedom, etc. You know, heavy shit.”

Hilliard pipes in and explains that “Wilderness Throne” is his favorite song on the record because “It’s always enjoyable. It’s fast and strange. Much like my sex life.”

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Probably a little more than we wanted to know but it gets the point across…well, maybe. Earthling is currently touring with fellow Virginians, Inter Arma, and they have plans to do more touring in support of the record as far out as the Midwest. Their show at Public Assembly is only the third time playing NYC and they have mixed opinions on what they hope to get across to their audience at a show. While Chhetri is more focused on the passion he puts into playing rather than whether people like it, or not Hilliard has a different view:

“I hope the amount of fun I am having is infectious and they come back for another fix,” he says. Promising.

So, in the wise words of Fary “Come rage with us at Public Assembly.”

And before then, check out Earthling’s tunes on their Bandcamp as well as their tour dates on their Facebook page and get stoked on Dark Path, which you can order over at Forcefield Records starting May 7th!

WHEN: Saturday, Apr 27th at 8:00 pm
WHERE: Public Assembly back room 70 North 6th St, Brooklyn

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