Andrew J. Nemr: Tip Tap

 Andrew J. Nemr: Tap into it.


Andrew J. Nemr, a protégé of the late Gregory Hines- tap dance extraordinaire is a person worth knowing. Why you ask?

 If you have never seen Andrew’s performance, then you are missing out on life and speaking to him is a delight as well. So it’s only fair to be part of his event at The Cutting Room with his group Cats Paying Dues.

 Andrew was born in Lebanon, migrated to Canada, temporarily settled in Virginia- and this is where his destiny is born.

 While commuting back and forth between Alexandria, VA and D.C. To partake in the the usual dance classes – modern, jazz and tumbling and alternate combinations, his life is about to change when he receives news from his director of open rehearsals taking place in New York. And the best part is his idol-Gregory Hines will be there as well.

  Pack up the bags and let’s go!

 Andrew convinces his parents to make the trek up north in hopes to meet his idol at such a young age. Shortly after that the release of the movie Tap(1989) erupts in the movie theaters.

 This is an “A-ha” light-bulb moment that explodes and he knows that Tap dancing will forever be his passion and career. So, as we fast forward from history to his current status at the Cutting Room, Andrew seems in a concentrated trance as he marvels the audience and produces such amazing, and intense vibrations with his tapping.

 It’s difficult (and in a good way) to become distracted by anything else except his soul pouring out from his spirit to the floor. Andrew is a great story-teller and a comedian at that -while he seduces the audience for more entertainment. It is more than a pleasure to watch him live and I anticipate subsequent performances.

For more information about Andrew J. Nemr please click here.

 By: Laura M. Artis.

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