10,000 Balloons Bring Together the Women and Men of Afghanistan

10,000 Balloons public art project goes live next month. On a surprise Saturday morning, Arboleda and a team of 130 Afghani volunteers are handing out 10,000 pink balloons in Kabul. (Afghanistan is one of five countries that start their work week on a Saturday.) This creative project is meant to bond a war-torn city. Pink represents the feminine voice, which in Afghanistan has always been beaten down and disenfranchised. It takes a “suspension of belief,” Arboleda says, to imagine a woman talking to a man in public space, but that’s exactly what his team is going to do (half are men and half are women). During the start of the Afghan work week in mid May, Arboleda’s team will surprise the city with the bio-degradable balloons and personal messages written inside.
Arboleda is a Columbian-born, NY-based artist and has done similar projects in BangaloreNairobi and Yamaguchi. The difference is that those were funded by cultural groups and this time he wanted to make it global + crowdfunded. It’s $1 to buy a balloon and write a message and be included on the WeBelieveInBalloons mural. Arboleda has already gotten approval from Afghani gov to put the mural up permanently at Afghanistan International Airport after the project is done.
10,000 Balloons For $1
People can collaborate very easily. Head to the Participate Now page to get involved! There, you’ll have the option to buy one balloon, upload their picture and write a message. Or, you can collaborate on behalf of colleagues, teammates, family, friends, social media audiences, clients, partners, by buying multiple balloons and uploading pictures. zzzz1
Monday, May 6, Imagination in Space, Ludlow Studios and House of Horology invite you to an extraordinary pop up celebrating a global art project, a newborn space and the ushering in of a prolific downtown cultural era. The start of the Low Lower East Side. More importantly, an awesome opportunity to break in the new digs at 40 Ludlow and simultaneously create art history. (And drink delicious sparkling bubbly and wear summer dresses, too :)
Our friend Yazmany Arboleda is putting on a brash, beautiful public art installation in Kabul, Afghanistan in mid-May. He and 130 Afghani volunteers will surprise the city with 10,000 pink balloons. 10,000 pink balloons? Ten thousand. Pink. Balloons. With personal messages inside. Each one handed out to a surprised early-morning commuter to brighten their day and create a lifelong memory.
Besides carousing, the 10,000 Balloons Pop Up includes a chance to take part by getting your picture taken and writing personal messages. The pictures will go up side by side by side on the We Believe in Balloons mural and the notes will be hand-delivered inside the biodegradable balloon on game day. Tickets are only $10, and with that you’ll get seven balloons to gift to friends, family, colleagues. The sooner you get tix, the sooner you can start sharing.
WHEN: Monday May 6
WHERE: Ludlow Studios
40 Ludlow St. (Hester+Grand)

 TICKETS: $10 per person. SECURE YOUR SPOT

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