Recap: Vintage Magazine Launch Party

When walking down the streets of New York you may have noticed more women donning styles of the past. Tight curls, red lips, high-heeled loafers–these are all clues of a 1940s fashionista. This emerging trend to reinvent the Lucille Ball look is gaining popularity so in effort to bring together a community of these aspiring starlets Karen Arreola and Amelia Meloni  founded Vintage New York City Magazine. 

To launch this new magazine, Vintage hosted a launch party at The Hudson Bond and invited guests to dress up like their favorite Old Hollywood glamour star. I must admit the event was quite lacking–small attendance, overpriced cocktails and the unique choice to serve donuts as the only food for guests (for a party beginning at 7pm). However, it was fun to see all of the ladies dressed as pin-up girls. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Kalen Arreola who explained her inspiration for creating this quarterly magazine. “We want to give readers an outlet for inspiration that spark ideas for bringing class and beauty to the streets of New York again,” Arreola explained. Arreola’s style inspiration is Rita Hayworth but she had some sound advice for those hoping to emulate the the ’40s look. “Estate sales are a fantastic place to pick up some vintage fashion-finds and don’t be afraid to mix vintage pieces with inexpensive accessories.”

Vintage magazine can be purchased online through their website. While the first issue focuses on vintage fashion trends, Arreola and Meloni plans to focus future articles on 1940s-inspired food, drink and culture.

Kalen Arreola

Kalen Arreola


Arreola shares her latest vintage find purchased at an estate sale

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