Stepping to higher heights

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What’s this? Is Spring actually on its way after a couple of cold and brutal servings of Winter. After spotting a Robin on a tree, perhaps it is safe to assume that warmer weather is upon us. That means that bikini season is quickly approaching – unless some us are financially blessed enough to go on cruises and escape frigid temperatures on the regular. However, for those of us crying to release the pent up cabin fever, crave the outdoors and grow tired and restless of the same old boring DVD work-out then here is a new workout dosage worth trying.

First, get into your workout clothes and remember to stretch before you leave the house. Go out and seek out your nearest and most challenging stair case around your neighborhood. After you shake off those unwanted tape recorder messages playing in your head that you would rather stay home and catch up on missed recorded shows, or attack that last piece of delicious apple pie; or better yet try to persuade yourself to go back to bed- get your game face back on because it is time to climb that staircase.

What if I don’t have any options available?” you ask.

Come on now- no excuses allowed.

This is the time to tap into your Einstein, be  innovative and think outside the box and perhaps consider using the staircase at work, parks, and or train platforms if applicable. Although, for a better a workout, an open space is probably the best option but do not let this become an obstacle. Remember, if you are just starting out on workout regiment, the stamina and endurance may be lacking in the beginning, but with anything you start slow, and build up from there.

Beginners: Walking up the staircase is a low-impact alternative and always practice safety first by holding on to the rails if applicable.

Intermediates and Advanced workout gurus: You know what to do – that’s right you will jog up the staircase to the top and back down. This may serve as a great warm-up too but if you want to use it as part of a phenomenal cardio workout and skip all the foreplay – please be my guest; because only you know what you can handle.

Once you reach the top, you can do one or all of many things (except quit):

Beginners: Low-moderate jumping jacks and or squats depending on your physical and injury level.

Intermediate-Advanced: (No excuses unless in the case of current injuries) Jump Squats activating shoulder muscles, Quads, and calves. Also consider adding in jump-lunges and or quick knee-ups (please be careful).

For those who think they want to indulge in more physical activity, then consider a quick jog from where you are on the platform to the opposite end and back. If you remain hungry for more, descend the stairs and repeat the whole process a few times over.

Also try climbing every other step to strengthen and tone your bottom “asset” – after all you still want to look great in those jeans right?

Yes, it will be tiring, might be a bit out of breath kind of like watching how a cheetah feels like after it pounces on its prey, but the feeling of motivation to finish is much more gratifying. If this workout idea piques your interest, then exercise caution, plan your staircase workout accordingly. The last thing you want to do is decide to embark on this during peak times of the day. And always with anything consult your physician before conquering any type of physical workout.

After your workout, feel free to shout out “I’m on top of the world,” and celebrate like Rocky; or not. Either way have fun and congratulations on stepping into higher heights.

Laura M.Artis: @Lauraslifeonink.

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