Alacrity Project PresentsThe Dinner Party


On May 19, 2013 at 4:00p.m., the lower east side-based theater company, Alacrity Project, will present, The Dinner Party, an original short play at the popular venue, Arlene’s Grocery. Written by Georgiana Avram and directed by Laura Hirshberg. A Monologue Jam comprised of various actors performing monologues and songs, will follow directly afterwards. The Dinner Party and Jam are part of Alacrity Project’s A Live Series, which provides artists a platform to produce their work.

A marriage gone stale. A fantasy gone wild. How long can they co-exist? An elegant dinner party hosted by husband and wife team, Jane and John, goes awry when the guest of honor may be unwelcomed for many reasons. The Dinner Party is an exploration of relationships, desires and the human psyche. The cast is comprised of stage and film actors, Jon L. Peacock, Stephen Reich, and the play’s very own author Georgiana Avram, who also serves as co-producer.

“Writing, producing and acting in my own play is a huge learning experience, and a fun and interesting journey, but it is so much more than that. Sometimes being the writer of a piece, I only see my point of view, and when I hear it discussed and analyzed by others, I discover much more is being said on the pages,” said Avram, actress, playwright and co-producer for The Dinner Party.
WHEN: May 19th, 4pm for The Dinner Party, 5pm for Monologue Jam

WHERE: Arlene’s Grocery

95 Stanton ST. NY, NY 10002

TICKETS: $10 and can be purchased at the door

Alacrity Project provides performance opportunities for self-initiated artists. Please visit here for more information.


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