Charlie Scott’s Circle of Life

Photo credit to Mike Geffner

Photo credit to Mike Geffner

I have to admit I’m hesitant about hearing white boys rap, and usually when one is pitched to me I go in guns blazin’ and ready to say no. Despite the likes of some of the most amazing talent I know being of Caucasian descent, I’m still a little brainwashed to think that hip-hop is an urban scene. Of course, when said artist has a story that’s worth hearing, I’m just a tad quicker to lend my ears. Case in point: Charlie Scott.

Scott stumbled into rap as an outlet for recovering from drug addiction that had all but destroyed him. During his time at a rehabilitation center, Scott transformed his long-time propensity for poetry into a collection of songs tailored to speak to others struggling with drug use and other addiction.

After releasing his song, King Simba, Scott recently produced a Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe show entitled “Heavy Hitters.” While much of the talent featured in this show was unfortunately less than impressive, Scott closed us out with an inspiring performance for his family on the front two rows as well as the rest of his crowded house.

As can be expected given his history, Scott’s lyrics pack quite an emotional punch, even for random audience members who have no idea what it was like to watch him recover from addiction. Coupled with catchy beats and his smooth, well-practiced flow, Scott’s music is in no way hard on the ears. While certain parts of some songs may seem unnecessarily strained for effect, Scott has little work to do on the road to making his music heard by a wider audience than the crowd at the Nuyorican. He may be Simba now, but that little cub one day ran the pride.

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