The Spring Fling


As I sat swirling my Green Tea Leaves in the Argo Tea of NYC’s Flatiron, I looked around me at all the awkward couples potentially on their first date. I say it was their first date because of body language…and slightly stalking their conversation.
Anyway, as I overlooked the overwhelming number of awkward couples, I noticed in the streets quite an allotment of twosomes as well. As I sipped my tea, I couldn’t help but ponder why the sudden change from solos to duos had happened in the past week. Here I sat, on my normal Tuesday night routine of tea and writing, yet this is the first time in months the duos have outweighed the solos.
Then it hit me: Spring.

With the spike in recent weather patterns to thankfully warmer weather, the usual cold/bitter New Yorker has started to thaw. Once this breed realizes that the harsh winter winds are behind us (fingers crossed), they thaw from their hibernation routine and focus on their natural instinct: mating.

No I’m not encouraging you to go get pregnant/get someone pregnant (practice safe sex people!), but I am encouraging mingling. NYC is beautiful in the spring/summer time; and locals seem to be a lot friendlier too. TWO gentlemen held the door open for me in one week. As a New Yorker, you know that that’s not only rare, but almost “Twilight Zone” status. Yes, chilvary may be dead in New York City (sigh), but the warmer weather seemed to have bring out a little kindness that has been pushed deep down into them once they changed their area code to a (212).
When the harsh winds started rolling in, I suggested the idea of the Winter Buddy. This concept may have held you over for the past six months, but if you aren’t wifed up by now, you’re sick of them. So as you part your amicable ways (you never know if you’ll run into them…yes NYC is sometimes that small), it’s time to introduce you to another concept: The Spring Fling.

Come on ladies and gentleman, don’t overreact by what I’m suggesting. You have just been glued at the hip to what you thought was a potential, but turned into someone you don’t even want to share a subway pole with. As we change seasons, we change our mentalities. Soon we will be in my favorite time of the year: Summer Mode. With Summer Mode, everyone is going on vacations, meeting random people either in the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, and dating is the LAST thing on anyone’s mind. Men will be focusing more on the wet t-shirt contest on the boardwalk, rather than putting a ring on your finger. Women will on the prowl at rooftop bars, nightclubs, or that 3am pizza place in a spite of desperation.

Yes, Summer Mode can be brutal, but it’s one of those times where you can truly appreciate NYC and it’s cultural melting pot tendacies. So, while we’re waiting for Memorial Day and our minds to truly shift to the single mentality, let’s focus on the Spring Fling. Someone new, someone who will be interesting enough to keep around, but someone who’s patiently waiting for summer mode to hit as well.

DO NOT put your Spring Fling's pictures on Facebook.

DO NOT put your Spring Fling’s pictures on Facebook.

They will pull you out of hibernation, introduce you to some cool places, and you’ll get to meet some fun new people. Then, as fast as you danced into each other’s lives at a Lower East Side nightclub playing Skrillex, you will dance out of each other’s lives until they slowly Fade Away like an Avicii song (see what I just did there, see that?).

Be safe, have fun, and keep it light.

New York City is full of many fish in the sea…now go catch one.



2 thoughts on “The Spring Fling

  1. To me, this is almost “anti-nature”. The whole idea of natural selection in evolution
    is to have different gene pools come together to make a stronger offspring. When everyone is only considering people within tightly constrained demographics (like political views as discussed here) that just goes out the window.

    It’s obvious to me, that when people with differing view points socialize and build family structures, we get the best and most reasonable compromises and outcomes.

    We need to go back to…ya know… actually seeing and meeting people in the real world.

    Nelson P.

    Bronx NY

    • Hey Nelson, I completely agree with you. With all of us being constantly locked into the social media world, it’s hard for many to think outside online dating to actually meet people. We’re losing the personal interaction, and replacing with texting/Instagram/Google. Why not just ask someone what their favorite color is, rather then looking for the answer on their blog or facebook??

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