True Independence Starts In Your Backyard

This is a guest article written by environmental activist Rebecca Hoeffler. I’ve met her through a friend and since I’ve known her she has been extremely passionate about environmental issues and doesn’t just talk about them she actually does something. Here she writes about the importance of growing your own food. For more information on home growing and to order your supplies today visit
Taking Meaningful Action to Support and Honor Our Veterans
This weekend our nation will come together to honor those who have given everything to us. Sacrificed their lives, given up their dreams, and dedicated their time to protect the land of the free and home of the brave.
“The land of the free” has such significance to me. Throughout our history, the greatest struggle of our settlers was to find a safe haven for themselves and their families. To have land they could call their own, land that they could protect, land that they could farm. It is a hard paradigm for me to reject. The land I have been given, the land in my backyard is precious to me. It gives me the opportunity to be truly American. I am able to learn how to be self-sufficient and independent.
I have a Victory Garden in my backyard. This garden grows the lettuce I eat every day for lunch and in a few weeks it will be producing the potatoes, beans, squash, and carrots I will use to sustain my diet. By doing this, I remove part of my dependency from the unsustainable, large-scale agricultural systems we depend on today. I decrease my dependency on oil that transports food from the farms in the Midwest or across the globe, to my home, as well as decrease my dependency on a system that fails in the face of disaster.
Veterans fought to defend our land. If you really want to honor the people who have kept your land safe, start utilizing it. The greatest failure of the Environmental Movement was not numbering the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” campaign. Reducing is first and foremost. People do not need to drastically change their lives to live sustainably, but they need to start making an effort and that is what reducing is all about. Reducing a person’s dependency on the large scale systems that are not efficient, pollute, and put pressure on the ecosystems services vital to life, will begin to solve a lot of problems in the world.
It is amazing how much time you have when you go out and start living life, instead of sitting in front of the TV, watching other people live theirs. So go out in your gardens and put some effort into providing for yourself, it is okay to fail at first, because if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. On a trip across the country, Malcolm Wells stated that the thing that most surprised him about our nation wasn’t the utter devastation of the ecosystem services we depend on for life, but “the incredible wealth and power- the raw muscle-of the nation!” That’s you and it really is time to start revering manual labor, your own ability to do work. Let’s bring back Victory Gardens to properly thank our Veterans for protecting the land that no one is using.


Photo: Rebecca Hoeffler

Photo: Rebecca Hoeffler

Photo: Rebecca Hoeffler

Photo: Rebecca Hoeffler

4 thoughts on “True Independence Starts In Your Backyard

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