Nametag Day: Making New Yorkers Less Bitchy

Ever wonder what would happen to NYC if everyone wore a nametag for a day? Would the dark, mean New Yorkers become more friendly and more talkative? Well, one could hope so and in an effort to prove that we aren’t as cold hearted as the rest of America seems to think we are some crazy kids decided to try handing out nametags to people on the streets of NYC.

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Now, some of you are thinking “wasn’t this on Seinfeld?” And the answer is yes, however, the crew behind Nametag Day had never heard of the idea until after their first trial run (which was incredibly successful). The trial run prompted organizers to expand into a full day event (hence Nametag Day!) of handing out FREE nametags to anyone on the street who would want them. All nametags and supplies have been donated or funded by donations from companies and people around the city. This is completely non-profit event and any leftovers will be donated to local community groups or saved for next year.

So what is the real point of Nametag Day you ask? Do I really want people on the street to know my name? Do I really want to talk to anyone on the street? Well, that’s really up to you. I for one am pretty excited about this whole debacle. Wearing a nametag means that you actually want social interaction and you welcome conversation. I don’t know about you, but at my age, I have a hell of a time meeting people in this city (especially of the “not crazy” variety or proving that I’m also not of the “crazy” variety). So wearing a nametag and openly inviting conversation for a day is a pretty cool idea. But, if you think this is silly or want to continue to be a cold hearted bitch feel free not to grab a free nametag.

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Nametag-wearing will also lessen the anonymity factor of the person you just pushed out of the way in Times Square for walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk (yeah, yeah I do it too) and thus, I believe, will make people more friendly and aware of others around them. I’m also pretty excited to meet other “Lisa’s” in the city… because obviously we are the best.

Volunteers will be handing out FREE nametags at different locations throughout the city on Saturday, June 1st from 11 am to 5 pm. I will be the site coordinator at Union Square in the afternoon so come say “hi” and get a free nametag! If you think this is as kickass as I do, and have a few hours to spare, feel free to help us hand out the tags!

And of course, at the end of the day, please throw them in the trash and not on the sidewalk. Keep our city clean!

WHEN: Saturday, June 1st 11 am to 5 pm


WHERE: Throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn (maybe next year fellow Bronxites!)

Union Square (North side of East 14th St btwn Union Square East and Union Square West, Southeast side near the street performers)

Central Park (East side of 5th Av btwn East 58th and 59th St, in front of the Apple store)

Williamsburg (Bedford Avenue between North 9th St and North 10th St)

East Village (St. Marks Place and Avenue A, West corner of Tompkins Square Park)

Park Slope (Prospect Park West & Flatbush Av, Northwest corner of Prospect Park)

The West Cafe, 379 Union Ave, Williamsburg

WORD bookstore, 126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn

Snapple Theater, 1627 Broadway, Manhattan (near Times Square)

Pudge Knuckles Cafe, 184 Kent Ave, Williamsburg

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