Belmont Stakes: Let Her Rip!

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Triple Crown fever may be over especially since the favorite, Orb might have brought tears to some after the Preakness, but do not give up on the last of this trifecta form of entertainment.

 A journey that starts at the Kentucky Derby, packed with hopes and dreams, travels North to the Preakness in Maryland, usually terminates in NY- at the Belmont Stakes. A  passion for  these magisterial creatures, packed with a few crazy besties, this weekend has a forecast to become out of control. As anticipation increases, I can’t wait as the social calendar itches for another black X to cross off the days as we draw close.

 So what do you need to know?

 Well the best advice is to arrive as early as possible. It is naïve to think just because the race starts around 6:25 pm, there will be ample seating, however, that is not that the case at all. Most visitors arrive around 11am and sometimes earlier to be part of the excitement – and trust there will be plenty.

 Another suggested tip is to carry an umbrella, or raincoat, just in case the weather is a bit on the wet side. This is not an indoor arena, so chances are if it pours, it’s better to be prepared- unless you don’t mind receiving a second shower from Mother Nature.

 What to expect:

 OK, so this is not the Derby and some people (including myself) will be quite jazzed up and much more to the extreme by wearing hats- it is not a requirement but for the sake of personal entertainment, I like to dress up and completely immerse in the energy.

 When in doubt, keep it casual and comfortable.

 There are tons of people x infinity attending this event as well, so remember to be aware of your surroundings, and since most of the seating accommodations are on hard benches, throw extra caution into the wind. Other than that, if the weekend schedule remains vacant, and you feel lucky to let it ride, I will see you at the Belmont Stakes.

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