I Give Up.

Unfortunately, I have come full circle to the realization that Barack Obama is terrible. In light of recent scandals that show the hypocrite he has turned into I hate this guy as much as I hated George W. Bush. I have learned they are the same guy. Obama ran in 2008 as a bright eyed new comer to Washington, who was going to transform things and bring transparency to the government after the dark ages of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld administration and I truly believe Obama thought he could do that. I don’t know whether it was the lack of knowledge of how to play the Washington game or just the lack of balls, but he has turned into a spineless leader that just threw his convictions out the window.

The use of drone strikes is deplorable and the wire tapping of journalists was bad enough. Now we learn the NSA under orders from this shit administration are collecting our phone records, tracking our emails, Facebook, and Google searches under the guise of national security. I know that 99% of us are never going to be affected by the actions because we’re just doing normal shit, like watching porn and emailing pictures of your stupid kids. But the idea of being tracked in any capacity is unsettling to me.

There is no hope anymore and there never will be while America continues to be a two party system. The Republicans and Democrats are the same thing. Sure they differ on some social issues but those always end up getting ignored anyway. The president no matter what party is just following orders to keep advancing the American empire and fuck everything else. When 50% of your national budget is spent on the military something is wrong. We’re broke not because of social welfare programs, and because teachers get pensions, we’re broke because we’re trying to build an empire. We have military bases in 151 of 158 of the countries in the United Nations. Why?

They scare us into thinking they have to do these things because we’re constantly under attack. They need to track phone calls and emails and Facebook and Google searches to stop these terrorists. Really? How many terrorist attacks occurred in the USA before the internet existed? Pretty much about the same amount. I would Google it but I just realized searching “terrorist attacks in the USA” is probably not a good idea in light of certain circumstances. Bush signed the disgusting Patriot Act into order and the government has been using it ever since. They just keep stretching the boundaries with it. Each president keeps jerking off on the Constitution worse and worse than the guy before him. It kills me when these Republicans trash Obama for the things he does but then say, “I miss Bush.” Or when Democrats defend Obama for using the Patriot Act by saying, “well Bush did it too!” So! who gives a fuck?!! NO ONE SHOULD BE USING IT. Fuck people.

We need to do something. There needs to be major campaign reform and as I announce my bid for congress in 2020 I propose:

1 – No politician is allowed to take a dime from corporations or lobbyists

2- Third party candidates must be allowed on all televised debates

If the Democrats and Republicans knew they had to actually face opposition instead of just taking turns fucking things up, things might actually change. What the two parties of our federal government are doing is the equivalent of two electric companies in a town price gauging together. It‘s illegal when companies do it, but not when politicians do it. But, third parties will never amount to anything. The Democrats and Republicans have done such a good job with the help of the media in convincing people that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote and if you don’t vote at all you’re a terrible human being. Fuck that. What’s the point in voting if your choices both suck? If a manager of a McDonald’s is interviewing two people for a fry cook position and they are both awful candidates, he hires neither and finds other options. If two terrible people aren’t good enough for McDonald’s why are they good enough to run the country?

I don’t really know what I’m saying, I just feel deflated. Fuck it. Who cares anymore? I’m looking up how much a cabin in the Yukon Territory costs and I’m becoming a hermit. Fuck phones, internet, work, and people. Well I’ll bring some people with me because I need someone to drink with. Have a good weekend everybody. And men please, please delete your history on your web browsers.

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