Funnier Than Fiction in Richard Pryor Room

If laughter is the best medicine, Richard Pryor was one of the greatest doctors of his time. I’m a tad younger than his era, but I’ve seen what he can do, and it seems he’s passed the torch onto his daughter, Rain Pryor, who is preparing to launch a new comedy production at the end of this rainy month (absolutely NO pun intended).

Set to debut at Broadway Comedy Club (hint…our comedy captain, Ryan Houssein performs there on the regular), Pryor’s event Funnier than Fiction features an accomplished cast and promises to be entertaining. Joe Rocha hosts the event and welcomes artists including Samantha Samma Jamma Bednarz, Lee Camp, John Fugelsang, Rick Overton, Mark Anthony Ramirez and of course, Pryor herself.

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The cast boasts Emmy Awards as well as appearances on a variety of other programs and TV shows ranging from Comedy Central’s The Kroll Show to HBO’s Politically Incorrect to Food Network’s Giving You the Business and so many more. Fugelsang can be seen on tour with Aisha Tyler, the voice behind Lana Kane on the ever popular series, Archer, and Pryor is well-received for her Off Broadway production, Fried Chicken and Latkes.

Basically what I’m saying is these people are funny, and now you have a chance to catch them in the act. The premier event is going down on Friday, June 28 at Broadway Comedy Club. For a mere $15 and two drinks (you know you want more than that), you can grab yourself a seat amongst these talented comedians and take a big dose of that good medicine. Highly unlikely that you’ll need a spoonful of sugar for this one.

Where: Broadway Comedy Club

When: June 28 @ 11 pm, Seating @ 10:30

Why: Because you need a laugh or two

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