Ludlow Studios Opens in Style

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Stereotypically speaking, one can’t get much more “New York” than by attending a gallery opening. That said, I jumped at the chance to attend the opening of Ludlow Studios, a new venue in the Lower East Side. While the event might not have been exactly as I imagined, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Hosted in the Lower East Side’s Ludlow Studios on, you guessed it…Ludlow St., the opening party showcased a stark white studio space available for various events from photography shoots to presentations to anything New Yorkers can dream up. With an impressive list of amenities, including Apple TV, luxury bathrooms and makeup tables, it’s hard to imagine what isn’t possible in this brightly lit, open space.

After attending its grand opening, one thing that’s for sure is Ludlow Studios is an awesome place for a party, and their crew knows how to plan one. Before even making it through the door, my Texan friends and I were greeted by free chicken sandwiches. Do I really need to continue with this article? Free. Chicken.

As if that weren’t enough, once we passed the guest list check in (yeah, I felt fancy) we were allowed into the actual studio where walls were lined with complimentary beverages of the adult persuasion to offset the center’s display table of food provided by Poppy’s Catering and Events. With an array of food including homemade tortilla chips, swedish meatballs, quesadillas and a plethora of fruit dishes the likes of which I’d never even heard, attention was naturally drawn in that direction. Don’t let that fool you, though. The rest of the place was a regular beehive, occupied by a wealth of fashionable New Yorkers eager to support the opening of a new studio space in our Lower East Side.

Photo credit to Easton Dillehay

Photo credit to Easton Dillehay

To complement the whole shebang, Ludlow Studios’ walls sported a collection of intriguing photos by an artist from Atlanta, Georgia evoking memories of Avedon’s In the American West and provoking curiosity regarding the occupations of the subjects.

As a whole, the opening of Ludlow Studios was exactly what I imagined a New York City studio opening should be. Free alcohol, good photography, interesting people and a groovin’ DJ. I’ll be looking for the next event at this space, even if they don’t have free chicken.

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