S.H.E.Summit Week- Let’s network!

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Networking events have started to top the list as personal favorite choices to spend a few hours after work or a weekend. Granted for some, this is an extended get together, and for others a reason to indulge in the party scene. Before giving up on the power of effective networking, just remember this is a chance to meet new people who can connect you to other things in life.

It is an honor to introduce the upcoming S.H.E Summit in production from 6/14- 6/15. Two days of incredible mingling and workshops geared for women professionals to excel in their careers. This year’s event will be held at 82 Mercer in NYC and hosted by the owner Claudia Chan.

This is a public event however it will cost you a few buckaroos- but at the end is worth the expense. A few key speakers include working higher-up women in Bloomberg Media, and CEO’s, CFO’S COO’s of Fortune 500 companies. I previously attended another Conference a couple of months ago where Star Jones was hosting as the keynote speaker and she had a great quote which might seem a bit edgy to some, however, the main point was clear.

“ There is a place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” Star Jones, ESQ.

With that said, yes, perhaps there is a special place in hell for people of that caliber, sadly I can’t confirm that but when I find out more information regarding the validity of that statement, you will be the first to know (wink).

All jokes aside, regardless of your gender background and or status in life, we are all here to help one another achieve our success and be the best we can be.

This is why networking is becoming like a second hobby. Am I a connoisseur at this? Absolutely not, however, I do like to help people connect to one another and help to build strong business and/or personal relationships for the future.

So… if you are interested in attending the event, you can register by clicking here. If you do attend it, I will see you there, have fun and happy networking.

By: @Lauraslifeonink.

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