J’Adore Savoir Adore

Photo credit to indyconcerts.com

Photo credit to indyconcerts.com

It seems both odd and endearing that Paul Hammer, one half of the primary duo that is Savoir Adore, is more excited about the presence of his parents at his show than about the fact that he and partner in crime, Deidre Muro, are currently in the middle of a nationwide tour.

Onstage, Savoir Adore is a five piece band complete with two guitars, drums, bass and a keyboard. Behind the scenes, Hammer and Muro take care of the dirty work themselves, appropriate considering their beginning. After meeting in an NYU song-writing club, the two found themselves in constant company as solo singer/songwriter performers. Aching for change and familiar with one another’s faces, Hammer and Muro challenged each other to write songs over a weekend with—here’s the kicker—no use of acoustic guitar. Quite a feat for two self-admitted singer/songwriter types. Hammer and Muro rose to the challenge emerging with 19 minutes of music that would debut as their EP, The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in Her Throat.

“We had one rule which was no acoustic guitars,” Hammer says, “and whatever we made over that weekend, it would be something. In the end we ended up having an amazing weekend and wrote a series of short little pop songs.”

“We started completely from scratch,” Muro adds. “We were like, ‘Whatever we make, we’re not gonna work on it. It’s just going to be what it is.”

Thankfully they didn’t stop there, and after releasing an LP with Cantora and a second full length album on their own, the two have teamed up with Nettwerk to re-release their most recent production, Our Nature.

Obviously so many different recording and production methods result in four very different sounds, but for Muro, that’s part of the charm.

“I think it’s really awesome that we have this lineage that you can listen to,” she admits. “You can literally hear our collaboration develop from a sort of whimsical, spontaneous thing to the pieces that we really mulled over and spent a lot of time on.”

Photo credit to newyorkmonthlymag.com

Photo credit to newyorkmonthlymag.com

Not only have the duo been picked up to expand and re-release their newest album, they’ve also been paired with Sea Wolf for their first nationwide tour, an occurrence they both say has shown them a different world. Muro explains that the two were only made aware of the tour about a month and a half ahead of time, and as they are primarily a recording band, the tour has been quite a new experience.

“We found out about it like a month and a half beforehand,” Muro explains. “They had this tool rooted already and we’ve just been added on, which was great for us because we’ve gotten to see all these cities with Sea Wolf and play for all these new people.”

It seems that the touring life is a pleasing one for Savoir Adore, as they admitted plans to tour South America this September and hopes to return to the UK for a second round of touring there in the next year. From my experience, South America is in for one hell of a treat. Shortly after their interview I was privy to their New York show with Sea Wolf, and for an hour or so I lost track of the long days and of the decade. Savoir Adore’s liberal use of keyboards and soulful guitar eludes to a time when bands were named after flocks of birds, but they’ve managed not to lose a modern edge with this retro vibe, and I’m diggin it. If you don’t do anything else while June is trying its best to shake the feeling of April, check out these two awesome musicians.

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