Rain’s New Crew Cracks Up Broadway Comedy

Photo credit to standanddeliver.blogs.com

Photo credit to standanddeliver.blogs.com

I don’t have to be convinced to spend a few hours listening to funny people, so when I was invited to Rain Pryor’s Funnier than Fiction last Friday, I grabbed my arm candy, publicist and all around awesome lady, Kate, and headed to Hell’s Kitchen. Thanks to Pryor’s debut lineup, I wasn’t disappointed.

The first show produced by this new program featured a variety of comic artists and skill ranging from host, Joe Rocha to Pryor herself. With a lineup like that, the wittiest comedians certainly leave an impression, and this weekend Lee Camp and Rick Overton were top of the class.

Introduced to the audience as a “dirty hippie,” Camp’s impassioned rants about the state of our society were rather entertaining, to say the least. As much of his comedy goes hand in hand with his beliefs regarding our current affairs and disgust with the actions of the masses, it isn’t difficult to believe that Camp is also an avid activist and hosts his own podcast, Moments of Clarity. It should be noted that as soon as this is article is posted I plan to spend time immersed in said podcast.

Rick Overton’s crass style and rambunctious demeanor proved to be quite a treat as well. Despite his age, Overton jumped around the stage and acted out his comedy with the zest of a comedian in his prime, which it seems he still is. Unafraid to bring up any topic worth talking about, Overton connected with each audience member at some point during his set. Whether or not he was purposely placed as the final performer, the decision was a good one, as he ended the night on a hyped, upbeat note and sent his crowd out into the New York City night ready to get into trouble.

Photo credit to tumblr.com

Photo credit to tumblr.com

Of course, no night of comedy is quite as lovely without a hilarious woman in the mix, and Abbi Crutchfield made it happen for this lineup. Maybe I’m biased because she hit home with her admission that sometimes a soft pretzel is dinner and the napkins are pillows, but the chick is funny, and there’s no denying that. Drop her name and I’ll show up.

For the most part, everyone who graced the Richard Pryor stage Friday night was worth the time and had no trouble kicking off the weekend with some laughs. Have a chance to check out a Funnier than Fiction event? Do it.

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