X Ambassadors Only Getting Better

Photo credit to mtv.com

Photo credit to mtv.com

I took my mom to see X Ambassadors. On her last night in New York. And she’s not really into concerts. Are you getting how awesome these dudes are?

Flashback to October, when I first laid eyes on Sam Harris on the Arlene’s Grocery stage at CMJ. I can’t remember ever seeing a performer so into his music. Harris was literally dripping with sweat…in October. Seven months later, X Ambassadors has somehow managed to up the ante. I would argue, based on this show alone, that the act of dancing is not a voluntary movement.

X Ambassadors live performance is the perfect execution of the recently released EP, Love Songs Drug Songs which damn well better be a prequel to an LP, because I want more, and I know I’m not the only one. The immense crowd at Santos Party House last Thursday was evidence that people kinda like these guys, though I was quite bewildered by the stoicism of the remainder of the audience. X Ambassadors didn’t seem phased. These guys obviously live for the music, which only serves to bring their performance to new heights. I would be willing to bet that Harris (Sam) was actually making love to music onstage and we were mere observers. It might be one of the only instances in which voyeurism is accepted and encouraged.

X Ambassadors produce a rhythmic collaboration of music to serve as a backdrop for Harris’ lyrics and strong, seductive voice, and their combined effort couldn’t be more dead-on. With an extra set of drums at the front of the stage (and presumably in the studio), an intense keyboardist to say the least and a hell of a vibe, their music takes on its own personality, and it’s the life of the party. Even X Ambassadors’ recorded sound is making my job more difficult, as I keep getting lost in the lyrics and melodies in my attempt to tell the world how great they are.

Photo credit to soundcloud.com

Photo credit to soundcloud.com

Complete with saxophone parts and body language that would put Elvis to shame, Thursday night’s performance swept me away, and Love Songs Love Drugs is a constant reminder of how talented these guys are and how quickly they’re making legit moves. Their genius combination of heavy drums, creative synth waves, soulful lyrics, wide range vocals and pleasant harmony (not to mention their dynamic energy) is nothing less than a formula for greatness. Somebody let me know as soon as they release more music, because I’ll be front of the line (or queue, since everything is online these days…).

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