Taylored For Success

Photo credit to tayloredband.com

Photo credit to tayloredband.com

The rhythm guitarist and bassist are practically an old married couple, the guitarist is allergic to the world and the drummer serves second duties as the group’s wise man. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Taylored.

Together as a complete band for a little over a year, the guys from Taylored are mid-upswing in their careers thanks in part to a video they released on YouTube that now has over a million hits. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist/synth player, Austin Taylor (yes, he’s all of those right now) and vocalist/bassist, Zane Decker, share that this accomplishment has served as quite a motivator for the band to continue pushing for success.

“We saw that and channeled it into going headfirst into this stuff,” Decker says. “We were doing what we needed to do and people were responding. We all wanna do this for a living, and I don’t see myself working in any other job for the rest of my life, so I’ll do anything I can to make this happen.”

Decker and Taylor have been collaborating musicians since 2011, an obvious fact considering their propensity for speaking in sync. Several times during our chat I struggled to identify which guy was sharing with me, as they are so often in perfect agreement. This connection bleeds into their work with Taylored in the best way possible, and with the input of guitarist, Tim Holmes, and drummer, Andrei Koribanics, the guys have no trouble making magic.

“Most of the writing has been Austin,” Decker explains, “and with that said, we’re the ones that put the skeleton of the song together. We like to dig in and put our words to music, and then we bring it to them and they add the nuances that make the song ‘us.’ Tim brings us this edgy, airiness to it while at the same time providing it direction. I don’t know how Andrei does what he does. He just knows what to do.”

Photo credit to tayloredband.com

Photo credit to tayloredband.com

Taylor agrees that this joint effort and seamless collaboration may be due in part to the sense of closeness and brotherhood the band shares.

“I feel like we all cohesively joined together as more of a group of brothers than anything, and music just happens to be the commonality,” he admits. “When we get together the time just goes too quick.”

Despite the fact that much of the hard work behind the success of Taylored is their own, the guys are very clear not to discount the help they’ve received from supporters along the way. Example numero uno: the momager.

Taylor was a child actor at the age of ten, and when he decided to pursue music instead, his mother, who was his manager, stepped seamlessly into the same role for the band earning her the moniker, “momager.” (See what they did there?) It seems to be a role she plays well, as the guys have nothing but praise.

She definitely helps keep us all together as a unified…unit,” Taylor explains. “We’re fortunate that we don’t have many arguments, but I’m sure if we did she would be the first one to step in and give us that talk.” Thank God for moms.

Taylored’s gratitude goes beyond the momager, though.

“We have a lot of people to thank. I don’t even know where to begin,” Taylor expresses. “When people hear an inkling of something they like, the generosity is amazing. We’ve kinda been pushed along organically by all of the people that have hopped on our boat and appreciated our music.”

Though the guys have been laying low to focus on writing and preparing for studio time, they’re scheduled to take the stage this Thursday at Sullivan Hall. Damn, it feels good to be a New Yorker.

Photo credit to sullivanhallnyc.com

Photo credit to sullivanhallnyc.com

“We came in this as a band to just play and have a good time, and then it turned into something real,” Taylor says. “It was always a passion of ours to play, but until we stepped up with the music video, we always thought of it as a dream and now it’s looking like a reality.”

Translation: Get your ass to Sullivan Hall before the shows become less affordable.

WHERE: Sullivan Hall

WHEN: Thursday, July 18th @8:00 p.m.

Reasons Not To Go: Invalid

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